Preparation for AMUEE 2019 Engineering Courses like any other engineering entrance exams will require all your hard work and dedication. AMUEEE 2019 Preparation must be started early and now is the right time for it. With more than one year left, you can easily cover the entire syllabus with ample time left for revision and practise.

What can be better than this! Thus, to start with you will be needing a proper understanding of what to study, on which subjects to concentrate more, what will be marking schemes, type of questions asked in the AMU Entrance Exam. Get your hand on the AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus for Engineering courses and the detailed exam pattern on this page below. You will be also getting here tips for preparation, important books and a month wise timetable that will help you with How to Prepare for AMUEEE 2019.

AMUEEE 2019 Preparation

With more than a year left for the AMUEEE 2019 examination, you must be relaxed about the preparation. But if you start today only then you can have the assurance of cracking AMU B.Tech / B.Arch/ B.E. Entrance Exam 2019. We have all heard of the saying:

“early bird catches the worm”

So, being early with your AMUEEE 2019 Preparation will be the key to Crack AMUEEE. Below we are providing the detailed AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus and a plan for How to Prepare for AMUEEE 2019. The preparation starts here. With your inevitable knowledge about the syllabus and exam pattern, you are well prepared for what you will be facing ahead of you. So here you go, read below!

AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus

For the engineering courses, the AMUEEE 2019 Question Paper will be based on three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Below are the important chapters that will be covered in the syllabus of AMUEEE 2019.

AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus for Physics
Physical world and Measurement
Laws of Motion
Work, Energy and Power
The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
Properties of Bulk Matters
The behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Oscillations and Waves
Current Electricity
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Electromagnetic Waves
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Atoms & Nuclei
Electronic Devices
Communication Systems
AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus for Chemistry
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Structure of Atom
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
Chemical Thermodynamics
Redox Reactions
s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
Some p-Block Elements
Organic Chemistry– Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Environmental Chemistry
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Surface Chemistry
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
p-Block Elements
Group 16, 17 and 18 elements
d and f-Block Elements
Lanthanoids and Actinoids
Coordination Compounds
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Chemistry in Everyday Life
AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus for Mathematics
Sets and Functions
Algebra- class 11
Coordinate Geometry
Calculus- class 11
Mathematical Reasoning
Relations and Functions
Algebra- class 12
Calculus- class 12
Applications of Derivatives
Applications of the Integrals
Differential Equations
Vectors and 3D Geometry
Linear Programming
AMUEEE 2019 Syllabus for B.Arch.
Architecture Aptitude Test
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    • View the entire syllabus here:

Know the AMUEEE 2019 Exam Pattern

With the detailed syllabus that you have downloaded, you should now be familiar with the exam pattern of AMUEEE 2019. The exam pattern will guide you through the marking scheme and the weightage of marks in each paper of the AMU engineering courses. Below are the AMUEEE 2019 Exam pattern for B.Tech./B.Arch./B.E.(Evening) courses.

AMUEEE 2019 B.Tech. Exam Pattern

  • There shall be one objective type paper.
  • Total Marks will be 150.
  • The total number of questions will be 150 on Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • Duration will be 3 Hours.

AMUEEE 2019 B.Arch. Exam Pattern

  • There shall be two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2
  • The Total Marks (Paper 1+Paper 2) will be 300.
  • Paper 1 pattern will be same as that of B.Tech.
  • Paper 2, Architecture Aptitude Test, will consist of some descriptive questions and Test of Drawing.
  • One will have to secure at least 40% marks in paper 2 to be eligible for selection.

AMUEEE 2019 B.E. (Evening) Exam Pattern

  • There shall be one objective type paper.
  • Total number of questions will be 100
  • Total number of Marks will be 100
  • There will be 100 questions with 25 questions on Physical Sciences and 75 questions on relevant Engg. Sciences.

Note: There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks in all the papers mentioned above.

AMUEEE 2019 Preparation: Start Early, Start Now

Now we are familiar both with the syllabus and the AMUEEE 2019 question paper pattern. We will now plan our preparation. Starting now will help you cover the syllabus and also you will be able to practise a little extra. There will be much time left for revision and self-analysis, which very important.

Know the Important Chapters for AMUEEE engineering exam

For Physics give importance to: Wave Optics, Thermodynamics, Oscillations and Waves, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction & AC.

For Chemistry give importance to: Revise the inorganic part, physical formulas for direct questions and some famously named reactions of organic chemistry. Do P-block efficiently.

For Mathematics concentrate on: Calculus, Conic sections, Vectors, Matrices & Determinants, Differential Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Sequence and Series.

AMUEEE 2019 Preparation Timetable: Month-Wise

Without a plan and a disciplined strategy, one cannot go ahead with the preparation for any exam, not only AMUEEE 2019. Here we will discuss how you can distribute the plan of AMUEEE 2019 Preparation in days ahead of you.

First 3 Months: (April to June 2018)

Complete all the important chapters thoroughly. Make sure you have covered each and every topic from the NCERT Textbooks and completed all the exercises in these 3 months. Read the chapters and make important notes that will help you later on with the revisions.

Next 3 Months: (July to September 2018)

Complete the remaining chapters totally at least from the NCERT Text Books. Start practising the AMUEEE 2019 sample question papers and previous years’ question papers. Be familiar with the important questions and mark them, so that you can practise them again during the revision.

Next 3 Months: (October to December 2018)

By now you will be almost done with the entire syllabus from all the subjects. Now it is time to revise. Revise the important chapters again. Practise those notes and important questions that you have marked. Revise as many times possible during these months. Divide your days so that each topic and subject get your equal time.

Final Months: (January to March 2019)

During the last 3 months before the AMUEEE 2019 Examination, dedicate your time in solving the question papers. Practise the questions asked JEE Mains as few questions are repeated from JEE mains too. Practise as much as possible and take mock tests that are prepared by you. Also, analyse yourself, know where you are lacking and spend more time in such areas.

Thus, with the above strategy, you will be able to complete the syllabus and plus, get the time to revise and practise beyond the AMUEEE level. Hope this will help you with AMUEEE 2019 Preparation Plan. Sketch out your own timetable if this doesn’t work for you! But at the end, make sure you start as early as possible.

AMUEEE 2019 Best Books for Preparation AMUEEE 2019 Preparation

Here are some important books to refer while you prepare for AMUEEE 2019. The NCERT Text Books of all subjects are mandatory to refer. Below are some other books that will help you prepare even better. Also, the buying links of the books are mentioned in the table below:

Name of the book Author Buying Link
AMU Explorer Engineering MTG Editorial Board Buy Here
15 Years Solved Papers for AMU Engineering Entrance Exam Arihant Experts Buy Here
Super 10 Mock Tests for JEE Main Disha Experts Buy Here


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