Best books to prepare for JEE Main / Advanced 2019 Chemistry- Chemistry contains three parts- Organic, Inorganic and Physical. It is important to have the right resource that will help you prepare all these three important sections of the subject. Keeping in mind the fact that especially for Chemistry the candidates must study NCERT first. In IIT JEE chemistry is always on the easier side and thus if you have your basic clear, you can apply them to any question asked. Thus the NCERT textbooks must be thoroughly read and completed before you start with other books.

Below we have discussed some important books that can be referred for IIT JEE 2019 preparations for Chemistry. These books are highly recommended by the ex IIT JEE aspirants, IITians and the experts of the examination.

Best books to prepare for JEE Main / Advanced 2019 Chemistry

Before starting preparation for IIT JEE (i.e. JEE Main and JEE Advanced), students ask their teachers in coaching and school, or search on the internet, about this particular question What are the best books for preparation and where to find them? Thus we have dedicated this article to provide the future aspirants with the best IIT JEE books.

List of best books for Chemistry Preparation (Main+Advanced):

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Books for Organic Chemistry:

S.No Book Author
1 Organic Chemistry  Arihant Prakashan
2 Organic Chemistry Volume 1  I. L. Finar
3 Concept of Organic Chemistry  M. S. Chauhan
4 Organic Chemistry  O.P. Tandon
5 Organic Chemistry  Paula Bruice Yurkanis
6 Organic Chemistry  Peter Sykes
7 Organic Chemistry  Solomons
8 Organic Chemistry Morrison and Boyd

Books for Inorganic Chemistry:

S.No Book Author
1 Inorganic Chemistry  Arihant Prakashan
2 Inorganic Chemistry  J.D. Lee
3 Inorganic Chemistry  O.P. Tandon

Books for Physical Chemistry:

S.No Book Author
1 University Chemistry  Bruce H. Mahan
2 General Chemistry  Ebbing
3  IIT JEE Chemistry  O.P Agarwal
4 Physical Chemistry  O.P. Tandon
5 Physical Chemistry  P. Bahadur (For Reading Theory)
6 Numerical Chemistry  P.Bahadur (G.R.Bathla & Sons)
7 Physical Chemistry  P.W. Atkins

Important Chapters for IIT JEE Chemistry

Chemistry is divided into organic, physical, inorganic chemistry. Some questions in chemistry involve calculations, others are analysis and inference based. It is very important to have a rock solid foundation in chemistry to tackle both sorts of problems. To have that, these are the 6 topics you should be confident with. These topics are used to judge your concept in IIT JEE. Make sure not to miss any one of them.

  • Chemical Bonding
  • Periodic table
  • Carbonyl Compounds and their derivatives
  • Redox reactions, Mole Concept and the concept of equivalents
  • Solid state, solutions and gases theory
  • Thermochemistry and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

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The above list of important chapters has been compiled on the basis of paper analysis of several past year JEE Main papers. More emphasis has been given to the most recent papers.

Getting a good rank in IIT JEE requires persistence and hard work. Other than that, a lot depends on the student’s preparation level. Thus you need to work hard consistently. Rather than just focussing on the important chapters, work on the entire syllabus. There is no shortcut to success and thus to crack IIT JEE, especially JEE Advanced, you need to turn every page you come across during your preparations. With a year left now, you can cover all the chapters rather than just the important ones.

IIT JEE Analysis Chemistry Part

It has been noted that Chemistry has been consistently rated as the easiest section among the rest 3 for paper 1 of IIT JEE. This is because chemistry paper is set to test the basics of the candidates. But in JEE Main 2018, there were two terms that appeared in Chemistry which lead to some confusion among the candidates. These two terms were Kjeldahl Method and Frenkel Defect. Thus do not predict anything beforehand. IIT JEE gets more and more unpredictable over the years.


Preparing for JEE Main and JEE Advanced

To compete among the best of the bests is indeed very difficult. But best things do not come easy. So there are has been a constant question that the aspiring IIT JEE candidates ask. There have been questions about exam pattern, syllabus, preparation, tips, previous years question papers etc. Thus we have provided detailed preparation resources for IIT JEE in the tables below.

Resources of JEE Main Details
Exam pattern of JEE Main Get Details
JEE Main Syllabus Get PDF
JEE Main Previous Years Question Papers Get PDF
JEE Main Previous Years Answer Keys Get PDF
Resources of JEE Advanced Details
JEE Advanced Practice papers and Sample papers Get PDF
JEE Advanced Syllabus Get PDF
JEE Advanced Previous Years Question Papers with Answers Get PDF

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