Dress Code For JEE Main 2019 – JEE Main is a national level examination. The examination is held every year under strict guidelines. It is a well-known fact that frisking is done at every exam center before the exam actually starts. In 2019, the National Testing Agency (NTA) is conducting JEE Main exam. Until the last year, CBSE was in charge and there was no dress code for JEE Main exam. This year too, NTA has yet not specified any particular dress code for the exam. However, to appear in a national level examination like JEE Main 2019, where checking and verifications of the candidates are very serious, a proper dress code must be followed. Keep reading to know more about Dress Code For JEE Main 2019.

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Dress Code For JEE Main 2019

The JEE Main 2019 January Exam is being held in different days between January 06 – 20, 2019. And like every year it is expected that identity verification and frisking will be like always strict at the centres. Following a dress code, make the frisking easier. Last year, metal detectors were installed too. Thus, it is important that the candidates wear something that might not create any problem during frisking.

Dress Code For JEE Main 2019 – Girls 👧

For the female candidates, it is advisable to wear anything that is comfortable. However, fancy and dressy clothing must be avoided at all cost. Given the fact is the first JEE Main 2019 exam is in the month of January, the weather is going to be pleasant enough. Therefore, wear some warm and simple sweaters or jackets with no or fewer pockets.

Dress Code For JEE Main 2019

Girls can wear salwar suit, Kurtis, jeans/trousers, jackets, sweaters etc. Avoid anything that is fancy, has too many pockets, have big buttons or metallic elements.

Dress Code For JEE Main 2019 – Boys 👦

It is important to concentrate on the exam while you are at it. Thus wearing comfortable items of clothing will not distract your attention from the paper. Boys can wear full or half sleeves t-shirts/trousers as per their needs. Wear any pants with less or no pockets.

JEE Main 2019 Dress Code

Boys can wear belts, however, metallic items in the belt will cause problems while frisking. Therefore, wear belts if needed with no metallic items on it.

Items Of Clothing That Both Boys And Girls Must Avoid In JEE Main 2019

Candidates can actually wear anything in JEE Main 2019 exam. However, a decent dress code will help everyone in all and make the exam process smooth. For proper identification of the candidates and verification, candidates must avoid the following items of clothing:

  • Wrist Watches
  • Caps
  • Goggles
  • Jewellery Of Any Kind
  • Scarfs/Stoles

JEE Main 2019

Why Following A Dress Code For JEE Main 2019 Is Important?

Following a dress code is really important for several reasons. The reasons are listed in the points below:

  1. It maintains a fair exam environment and is in line with the decorum of the examination.
  2. It ensures no unfair means of conduct is being carried out using the clothing items.
  3. The comfortable and not so fancy clothing is recommended keeping in mind the comfort of the candidates, as any uncomfortable situation might distract the attention.

JEE Main 2019 Important Exam Centre Guidelines

Here are some of the important points that candidates must follow inside the exam centre of JEE Main 2019:

  • You will not be allowed any electronic gadget, including analogue/digital wrist watches.
  • You must enter the examination hall only with your JEE Main 2019 Admit card and Id Proof.
  • For Paper 2 candidates, Geometry boxes are allowed.
  • Extra sheets for rough works will be provided.
  • No eatables will be allowed.


Now, to summarise the entire dress code fiasco that candidates go through every year here is the real deal:

  • NTA has yet not implied any JEE Main 2019 Dress Code Rules.
  • Just to maintain the decorum of the exam centre, there are certain guidelines that must be followed that are universally applicable.
  • Girls are advised to tie up their hairs, to keep hairs away from the face while attempting the exam. This factor depends from one person to another. Keep your comfort at priority.
  • Boys make sure you wear bottoms with not many pockets. Avoid Full shirts and t-shirts.
  • No pieces of jewellery, no scarfs, caps, goggles and no fancy footwear are recommended.
  • Avoid wearing belts that have metallic elements on it. At few examination centres, they may ask you to remove it.

Special Instructions To The Diabetic Candidates Who Will Attempt The JEE Main 2019 Exam

The candidates who are diabetic patients will be allowed following items:

  • Sugar Tablets
  • Fruits
  • A transparent water bottle

However, chocolates, candies and other packaged foods are not allowed.

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