A mix of easy and moderate, that is the short review of GATE 2018 Computer Science exam that took place today. Continuing with the trend it set on day 1, day 2 also saw candidates pleased with the papers. Although GATE is a fairly difficult exam in itself, but the exam organizers did not add to student woes by making questions very tough or throwing any surprises.

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Read complete GATE 2018 CS Paper Analysis and Review here. We have taken the inputs of candidates who appeared in exam, coaching centres, and individual subject experts to publish this analysis. If you wish to add anything or change, please comment below.

GATE 2018 CS Paper Analysis and Review

GATE 2018 CS Paper Analysis and Review

Difficulty level

About 33 percent of the paper was easy. Around 56 percent of the paper was moderately difficult. Whereas remaining 11 percent was on the tough side.

Exam pattern

GATE 2018 was a computer based test. Time given to answer questions was 3 hours. Candidates had to answer 65 questions for 100 marks. There was a mix of MCQ and NAT questions. MCQ means multiple choice questions. NAT means numerical answer type. Distribution of questions was like this.

General aptitude: 10 questions of 15 marks.

Subject specific: 55 questions, 85 marks.

Question distribution

S.No. Subject Topics Marks
1 Engineering mathematics Linear algebra, eigen values, calculus, probability 7
2 Operating


Cpu scheduling, demand paging (vertical memory), dead lock, main memory, disk scheduling , deadlock, ipc 10
3 Programming and data structures Queues, c programming, programing code 10
4 Design and analysis of algorithm Heaps, matrix multiplication 7
5 Discrete mathematics and graph theory First order logic, trees, graph theory (chromatic number), set theory, spanning trees 12
6 Computer organization and architecture Risc machine, cache memory, instruction pipeline, number presentation 11
7 Theory of computation Cfl, nfa, grammar 7
8 Digital logic K, maps, boolean algebra 4
9 Data base management system Sql 4
10 Computer networks Protocols (tcp/npp), ethernet, tcp protocol 7
11 Compiler design Operator precedeuly, lexical analysis 6
12 General aptitude Functions, grammar, numbers, work, inference 15

Predictions for cut off and result as per GATE 2018 Analysis

As can be seen, the paper was neither too easy nor too tough. It was a lot like last time. So those who are waiting to get some guidance on what may happen next, the initial predictions are that cut off may remain similar to last year.

Last year’s GATE CS Qualifying Marks / Cut Off

  • General – 25
  • OBC – 22.5
  • SC/ST/PH – 16.6

What next?

Now that GATE 2018 exam is over for CS candidate, the time has come to gear up for next stages. If you are aiming for IITs, then check out their different admission procedures. In some IITs there will be interviews.

If you are aiming for PSUs then you should see that you have applied to all that are relevant for you.

Declaration of GATE 2018 Result

GATE 2018 result will be announced at gate.iitg.ac.in on or before March 17, 2018. There are only few days left for that. But the wait may seem longer as you have sat for a very difficult exam and may get jittery during the wait.

In the meantime, if you are preparing for some other equivalent exam, then don’t lose focus on that.

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