TANCET 2018 M.Tech Exam

GATE 2018 ECE Analysis is now presented here. GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) paper has been held on February 10, 2018, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. It was a computer-based test. With the help of the GATE 2018 ECE Analysis, you will know the difficulty level of the paper, and also topics which cover the most weightage in the exam, etc.

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To begin with, through the review, it has been observed that the majority of the questions were conceptual based. The students felt that the General Aptitude as well as Mathematics were very Easy. So, marks can be easily scored in this section. Moreover, the Core Subject Questions were 50% easy, 30% medium and only 20% tough. Check more details regarding the GATE 2018 ECE Analysis in the page below.

GATE 2018 ECE Analysis

GATE 2018 ECE Analysis

If you are a future GATE aspirant then GATE 2018 ECE analysis will help you determine the topics to prepare first for next year. Also, students who appeared for 2018 GATE can check the analysis to know how well they performed in the exam. You can also predict the cut off with the help of exam analysis.

Distribution of Questions in GATE ECE 2018

The paper of GATE consists of 1 as well as 2 marks questions. Here we have given the distributions of questions in the table below.

Subject 1 mark questions 2 mark questions Total Marks
Engineering Mathematics 06 04 14
Network Theory 01 03 07
Signal and Systems 03 02 07
Control Systems 01 03 07
Analog Circuits 02 03 08
Digital Circuits 03 04 11
Communications 03 04 11
Electronic Device Circuits 04 04 12
Electromagnetic Theory 02 03 08
General Aptitude 05 05 15
Total 65 100

Topics Mostly Asked in GATE ECE 2018

The candidates can check here the list of topics in each section which were asked in the paper.

Engineering Mathematics

  • Random Variables
  • Random Variables
  • Taylor’s Series, DOL, Eigen Values, Res Differential Equation

Network Theory

  • Basic Components and types of circuits
  • RC Circuits
  • RLC Circuits
  • Two Port Networks

Signal and Systems

  • Linearity
  • Pole-zero NQ camp
  • FS
  • DFT

Control Systems

  • Feedback Controllers
  • State Space
  • Bode plot TD Analysis

Analog Circuits

  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Trans Imp Amplifier
  • Small Signal AM Diode
  • Zener Diode

Digital Circuits



  • AM, Binary Channel
  • Prob of error, Gaussian Boise HT, RV

Electronic Device Circuits

  • EB
  • Built in Potential
  • NMOS, CMOS, IC Fabrications
  • P-N Junction, Solar cell

Electromagnetic Theory

  • SMIT, Transmission Lines, WG, OI, SD

General Aptitude

  • Filling Blanks, Geometry Numbers, GP, Mixture, CI, Probability.

Difficulty level of GATE ECE 2018

The difficulty level of each section is as follows:

Subject Level of Difficulty
Engineering Mathematics Difficult
Network Theory Easy
Signal and Systems Easy
Control Systems Moderate
Analog Circuits Easy
Digital Circuits Moderate
Communications Difficult
Electronic Device Circuits Easy
Electromagnetic Theory Easy
General Aptitude Easy

GATE 2018 Cut Off

The cut off prediction can easily be done as far as the analysis is concerned. Most of the topics were of the Easy level. With overall level of the exam to be easy, so it can be expected that the cut off will be higher than last year. Moreover, with this growing competition, there is no way the cut off for GATE will be any lower.

What after GATE?

The result for GATE will be announced on March 17, 2018. Since there is some time for the declaration of result, till then you can decide what to do further.

The score for GATE can be used for admission for further studies or for the recruitment purpose. For education purpose, you can submit GATE score to get admission in PG programs in different IITs and NITs. If you are seeking a job, many PSUs and other well-reputed companies take the score for GATE as a part of their recruitment process, so you can apply in those companies.

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  1. as a giver of gate 2018 ece paper… how can you say that it was easy than other years?
    have you appeared for gate 2018?
    where most of the top institutions and academy is saying this years paper was indeed the toughest and most numerical based question…….
    soo sir i beg to differ your analysis… and i suggest you wait for the result and then i think your analysis will be correct…

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