This is the GATE 2018 IN Analysis and Review. Exam for Instrumentation Engineering was held in afternoon in a single session. The candidates who appeared for the exam felt that the exam was not that much difficult. Major emphasis was given to calculations as well as there was a notable increase in the questions asked from the numerical section as compared to previous year. From the analysis, it is found that more stress is given on subjects, like signals and systems, networks, digital and analog circuits and transducers. As compared to other subjects, there was not much surprising factor in Instrumentation Engineering. Check the complete exam analysis for GATE 2018 Instrumentation Engineering (IN).

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GATE 2018 IN Analysis and Review

GATE 2018 IN Analysis

With the help of GATE 2018 IN analysis, you can easily differentiate in the important topics and trends that are usually repeated. Majority of the questions were conceptual based. The sections of General Aptitude and Mathematics was very easy, on the other hand, the difficulty level of core subject questions is as follows:

  • 50% were easy
  • 30% medium
  • 20% tough

Distribution of Questions in GATE 2018 IN 

Subject 1 mark questions 2 mark questions Total Marks
Engineering Mathematics 4 5 14
Network Theory 3 3 9
Signal and Systems 2 3 8
Control Systems 2 3 8
Analog Circuits 4 4 12
Digital Circuits 3 3 9
Communications 1 0 1
Measurement 2 4 10
Transducers 2 3 8
Process Control 0 0
Optical Instrumentation 2 2 6
General Aptitude 5 5 15
Total 65 100

Topics which were mostly asked in the GATE 2018 IN exam

Here we have provided a list of topics which have been asked in GATE IN 2018 Exam:

Engineering Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Calculus

Network Theory 

  • Basic Components and Type of Circuits
  • Basic Laws and Methods
  • Steady state analysis of AC Circuits

Signals and Systems

  • Fourier Representation of Signals
  • Frequency Response of LTI Signals and diversified Topics

Control Systems

  • Bode Plots
  • Phase Margin

Analog Circuits 

  • Diode Circuits – Analysis and Application
  • Operational Amplifiers & its Application

Digital Circuits 

  • Combinational & Sequential Digital Circuits
  • Introduction to Microprocessor


  • Modulation index of Analog Modulation


  • Basics of Measurement and Error Analysis
  • Measurements of Basic Electrical Quantities
  • Electronic Measuring Instruments


  • Strain Gauge
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Optical Instrumentation 

  • Optical Sources and Detectors

General Aptitude

  • Algebra
  • Vocabulary
  • Data Interpretation
  • TSD

GATE 2018 IN Analysis and Review: Difficulty levels

In the table below, we have the overall difficulty level of each subject.

Subject Level of Difficulty
Engineering Mathematics Easy
Network Theory Difficult
Signal and Systems Easy-Moderate
Control Systems Easy-Moderate
Analog Circuits Difficult
Digital Circuits Easy-Moderate
Communications Easy
Measurement Moderate-Difficult
Transducers Moderate
Process Control
Optical Instrumentation Difficult
General Aptitude Easy

Expected GATE 2018 IN Cut Off

Another reason for why you should take a look at the exam analysis is because it is easier to predict the cut off for the exam on the basis of the overall difficulty level.

Since as per the analysis, it is found that the exam was overall of Moderate Level, so it is expected that the cut off for Instrumentation Engineering may increase this year.

What after GATE?

After the declaration of GATE 2018 Result, you will have to decide if you want to study further or apply for a job.

The scores of GATE will help you get admission in PG programs in different IITs and NITs. The process for recruitment for the PG programs involves qualifying GATE exam and clearing the cut-off for the respective college and then undergoing an interview stage for final admission (if applicable).

As far as the job prospect is concerned, you can apply for various PSUs, as they recruit eligible candidates on a good salary on the basis of their GATE Score. Other than PSU, you can also apply for a job in Private Sector, Railways, Foreign Firms, etc.

GATE 2018 Result

The result for GATE 2018 will be announced on March 17, 2018. The result will be announced online only at To check the result you need to enter details such as Enrollment ID / Email Address and Password. Now since that the exam is over, just relax and wait for the result.

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