As per initial review and analysis of GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering (ME) exam, paper was easy to moderate. Only questions on manufacturing engineering were tough. If candidates had above average grasp of concepts and practice then they could have done really well. While some students claimed that most calculation based questions required simple formula substitution, coaching centres say that most were concept based. A break down of questions, their level, and marks can make things clearer. Here is a complete GATE 2018 Analysis of Mechanical Engineering (ME). Also, share your views on level of exam in comments below.

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GATE 2018 Analysis of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Here is GATE 2018 ME analysis for both sessions. Both sessions were on the same day.

GATE 2018 ME Date and session
Session 1 03 Feb 2018, forenoon session
Session 2 03 Feb 2018, afternoon session

Overall difficulty level of both sessions: Easy to Moderate

36 percent of the exam was easy.

60 percent of the exam was moderately difficult.

14 percent of the exam was tough.

GATE 2018 Analysis of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

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GATE 2018 ME Analysis: Distribution of questions

S.No. Subject Forenoon session marks Afternoon session marks
1 Engineering mathematics 14 13
2 Engineering mechanics 4 3
3 Mechanics of materials 14 8
4 Theory of machines 7 8
5 Machine design 5 3
6 Fluid design 11 8
7 Heat transfer 2 5
8 Thermodynamics 10 12
9 Manufacturing engineering 14 19
10 Industrial engineering 4 6
11 General aptitude 15 15

Topics from which questions were asked

This is particularly useful for someone who is preparing for GATE 2019. Know which were the topics from which there were questions in the exam.

Engineering mathematics

  • Mean value theorem
  • Probability
  • Euler’s method
  • Rank analytic function
  • Laplace transform
  • Random variable
  • Complex variable
  • Divergence
  • Complementary function
  • Determinant
  • Variable separable method
  • Fourier series

Engineering mechanics

  • Slider crank mechanism
  • Collision

Mechanics of materials

  • Simple stress strains
  • Analysis of shear stress
  • Stress in beams
  • Plain stress
  • Columns

Theory of machines

  • Gear strain
  • Vibration
  • Torsion
  • Cams

Machine design

  • Bearing capacity
  • Breaks

Fluid design

  • Peloton wheels
  • Fluid properties
  • Flow through pipes

Heat transfer

  • Conduction
  • radiation


  • Entropy
  • IC engines
  • Steady flow energy equation
  • Ideal gas
  • Vapour compression cycle
  • Refrigeration

Manufacturing engineering

  • ECM
  • Sheet metal
  • Metal cutting
  • Milling
  • Forming
  • EDM

Industrial engineering

  • Linear program
  • Inventory management

General aptitude

  • Geometry
  • TSD
  • Functions
  • Grammar
  • Numbers
  • Work
  • Inference

GATE 2018 ME Analysis: Cut off prediction

One of the biggest reasons candidates look for GATE exam analysis is to know whether cut offs will increase or decrease. In this regard we can say that cut off is likely to remain similar to last year.

While some students felt exam was easy, others felt it was a mix. But a common consensus is that it was not tougher.

So for GATE 2018 ME, cut off will at least not go lower. If anything, it might increase as some said it was easier.

You can check all GATE cut offs here.

What next?

Now that GATE 2018 ME exam is over, next step for you is to make sure you apply all the places you need to.

If you are looking for M.Tech admission then you will probably have to apply to some colleges. Many colleges take part in centralized counsellings. So for those you will register for centralized counselling. For others, that have individual admission process you will apply for that college.

Otherwise if you are looking for PSU recruitment then you should apply for PSU recruitment through GATE 2018.

GATE 2018 Result

When: IIT Guwahati is the exam conducting body of GATE 2018. It will announce result on or before March 17, 2018. In fact there are higher chances that result be out before that date.

Components of scorecard: When you get GATE scorecard from gate.iitg.ac.in, you basically get its scorecard. In scorecard you see normalized score. Also you get qualifying cut off and know whether you qualified or not. Also you get All India Rank.

Then, on one hand, admission is done on basis of score obtained in GATE. On the other hand, recruitment in PSUs take place through GATE score also.

Did you appear in GATE 2018 ME exam? If yes, then please share your views on the exam in comments below!

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