GATE 2019 Normalisation – IIT Madras will release the GATE 2019 Result on March 16, 2019. The GATE Result will have the normalized scores of the GATE 2019 multi-session papers and for the single session papers, the raw marks will be available. However, the scorecard for GATE 2019 will have GATE score. The GATE score is not the raw marks or the normalised marks, but there is a different formula to calculate it. The GATE 2019 scorecard will be available later on. To know how the GATE 2019 Score and the normalized marks are calculated, read the article below.

GATE 2019 Normalisation

The GATE 2019 normalisation will be done for only 2 subjects that were held in multi-session – Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Civil Engineering (CE). However, the GATE score is given for all the 24 subjects. The GATE score and the normalised marks are not the same. They are different and the calculations of both the scores are done using a different formula.

GATE 2019 Normalisation

Before getting into GATE 2019 Normalisation process, it is important to know the difference between GATE score and Normalised score. Keep reading.

Difference between GATE 2019 Normalised Score and GATE Score

Below is the pointwise difference between the both. To understand how the result is prepared, the candidates must understand the difference between the both properly. If you still face difficulty, please ask us in the comment section below.

Difference 1:

The GATE 2019 normalised marks are made available with the GATE Result. Normalisation is not done for all the papers, but for the papers that are conducted in multisession. On the other hand, the GATE score is available in the GATE Scorecard and this score is made available for all the papers – multi and single session papers.

Difference 2:

GATE 2019 Normalised scores are not used as final marks to prepare the scorecard. The GATE score is used as the final marks to prepare the GATE scorecard.

Difference 3:

GATE normalised score is available to all the candidates who appear in the GATE exam. However, the GATE score is available only for the candidates who qualify the GATE exam.

Now that we know the difference between both the types of score, let us check how these scores are calculated for the declaration of the GATE Result and the GATE Scorecard.

GATE 2019 Normalisation Process

The GATE 2019 Normalisation process is carried out for the multi-session papers only and there is a formula using which the GATE authorities calculate the GATE normalised scores for all the multi-session papers.

Calculation Of GATE 2019 Normalised Marks:

The normalization is done based on the fundamental assumption that “in all multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the sessions”. The formula used in the calculation of the normalised marks is based on mean and standard deviation.

Below is the formula that is used by GATE authorities in the calculation of the normalized scores of the multisession papers.

In the above formula, the assumption is made that we are normalising the marks of the jth candidate in the ith session.

In the above formula:

  • Mij = Actual marks obtained by the candidate in the session.
  • Mgt = Average marks of the top 0.1% of the candidates considering all sessions.
  • Mgq = Sum of mean and standard deviation marks of the candidates in the paper considering all sessions.
  • Mti = Average marks of the top 0.1% of the candidates in the session.
  • Miq = is the sum of the mean marks and standard deviation of the session.

Using this method the GATE normalised marks are calculated.

Note: For the single session paper the raw scores will be available in the result. The raw scores are the score that is calculated using the GATE marking scheme.

How Is The GATE Score Calculated For The GATE 2019 Scorecard

Now the GATE score is different as stated above. This score is calculated for all the papers to prepare the GATE 2019 Scorecard. The formula to calculate the GATE 2019 scores is as follows:

In the above formula to get the GATE score, the raw marks of the single session paper will be used and the normalised marks for the multi-session papers will be used.

In the above formula:

  • M = Marks obtained by the candidate (actual marks for single session papers and normalised marks
    for multi-session papers).
  • Mq = The qualifying marks for general category candidate in the paper.
  • Mt = The mean of marks of top 0.1% or top 10 (whichever is larger) of the candidates who appeared in the paper (in case of multi-session papers including all sessions).
  • Sq = 350, is the score assigned to Mq
  • St = 900, is the score assigned to Mt

Important: In the GATE 2019 the qualifying marks for general category student in each subject will be
25 marks (out of 100) or, μ+σ, whichever is greater. Here μ is the mean and σ is the standard deviation of marks of all the candidates who appeared in the paper.

GATE 2019 Multi Session Papers And Single Sesion Papers

Multi-Session Papers (Exams in two different sessions)
CE Civil Engineering ME Mechanical Engineering
Single-Session Papers
AE Aerospace Engineering GG Geology and Geophysics
AG Agricultural Engineering IN Instrumentation Engineering
AR Architecture and Planning MA Mathematics
BT Biotechnology MN Mining Engineering
CH Chemical Engineering MT Metallurgical Engineering
CS Computer Science and Information Technology PE Petroleum Engineering
CY Chemistry PH Physics
EC Electronics and Communication Engineering PI Production and Industrial Engineering
EE Electrical Engineering ST Statistics
EY Ecology and Evolution TF Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
Sectional-Single Session Papers
Engineering Sciences XL
Life Sciences
A Engineering Mathematics (Compulsory) P Chemistry (Compulsory)
B Fluid Mechanics Q Biochemistry
C Materials Science R Botany
D Solid Mechanics S Microbiology
E Thermodynamics T Zoology
F Polymer Science and Engineering U Food Technology
G Food Technology
H Atmospheric and Oceanic Science

GATE 2019 Result

Now to address the elephant in the room, the GATE 2019 Result is declared first based on the raw scores and normalised scores of the candidates. The Result declaration date of the GATE 2019 exam is March 16, 2019. The result is uploaded online at GOAPS. The candidates can check their result by logging in. The result is also based on the GATE 2019 final answer key.

The GATE Result has the following details:

  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Examination Paper
  • marks out of 100
  • Qualifying marks

GATE 2019 Scorecard

the GATE scorecard is declared later on. the scorecard will have the GATE score. This is the most important document, as the admission is made on the basis of GATE scorecard and GATE score and not on the basis of GATE normalised marks or raw marks. The GATE scorecard is to be downloaded from the official website by logging into the official website. The GATE scorecard has the following details:

  • GATE Score
  • Validity
  • Marks out of 100
  • All India Rank In This Paper
  • Qualifying Marks
  • Number of candidates appeared in this paper

If you are through with the GATE Result preparation process with the help of this article, well and good. If you need more details, ask us below in the comment section.

GATE 2019 GATE 2019 Result

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