How To Check JEE Main 2019 Answer Key – Step By Step Explanation!

How To Check JEE Main 2019 Answer Key – The Answer Key of JEE Main 2019 January Exam is available. National Testing Agency (NTA) has released the answer key under the candidate’s login. Now, the candidates must note that the JEE Main 2019 Answer Key is not available in PDF format. Candidates need to log in and check the correct response for each question on the screen. Now there are confusions among the candidates on how exactly to check the answer key, so here are the steps that will help you figure out the same.

How To Check JEE Main 2019 Answer Key

NTA has conducted the JEE Main 2019 exam in online mode. Also, each candidates appearing in the exam had no same question on their screen at any point in time. Thus, the answer key is also different for all the candidates. Thus, one needs to log in and check the answer key under their login. The answer key contains the candidate’s details, paper name, question id, correct response id and all the 4 ids of the options of the question.

Check JEE Main 2019 Answer Keys

Steps To Check The JEE Main 2019 Answer Key

Many candidates are confused regarding how to actually check the JEE Main 2019 Answer Key. Thus, here is the stepwise process to check the answer key:

Step 1: Visit Then click on the link that says “Challenge Answer Key” or “Display Question Paper and Responses”.

Step 2: Login using either the application number or password or using the application number or date of birth. The application number was made available while filling the application form of JEE Main 2019.

Step 3: Enter the login details. Once you enter the login details in the open window the next window will look like the one shown below. Click on the button that says “challenge answer keys”.

Step 4: On clicking the link, the window will open that will have the correct response id of the questions. There you will be able to check the following:

  • The paper name and section
  • The question Ids of the question that appeared on your screen
  • The correct answer id of the questions
  • The 4 option ids of the question

Step 5: Now open the view question paper and the challenge answer key link in 2 different tabs.

Step 6: Now on the answer key tab, copy the question id.
Step 7: Now use cntrl+F to find the question id in the question paper that you have opened in another tab.

Step 8: Come back to challenge the answer key sheet and copy the correct option id of the question and then go back to the question paper sheet and use cntrl+F again to check whether the ID for your chosen answer and the correct option matches or not. If yes award yourself +4 marks, if not deduct 1 marks.

How To Crosscheck The Answers Using The JEE Main 2019 Answer Key?

Now to crosscheck whether the answers you have marked correctly as per the JEE Main 2019 Answer Keys, follow the step below:

  • Open question paper and response sheet in 2 different tabs.
  • Use cntrl+F to find the question and answer Id as explained in the above steps.
  • Now check the question of the question and the option id of your selected option.
  • Now, from the response sheet, check if the correct response of the question id you are checking matches your selected option id.
  • If they match award yourself 4 marks.
  • If not deduct 1 mark.

You can use the marks calculator below to know your expected score in JEE Main 2019 exam.

An example: Say for the question below, your question Id is 4165299714 and the option that you have selected is 2 for which the id is 41652938314. Now from the answer key check, if the correct option to this question id matches your selected option id i.e.41652938314.

Challenging The JEE Main 2019 Answer Key

NTA has released the provisional answer key right now. This means you can challenge the answer key if you think the correct option marked by NTA is wrong. To submit your challenges you need to go through a certain process. In addition to that, the candidates will need to pay a sum of Rs. 1000/- per challenge. Further, the challenge fee will be refunded if the challenge is found correct and are accepted.

Steps To Challenge The JEE Main 2019 Answer Key:

Step 1: Visit the official website and click on the “challenge answer key link”.

Step 2: On the next window login using application number and password/DOB.

Step 3: On the next window click on the “challenge answer key” link.

Step 4: On doing so the answer key will open. There will be the correct response and the option to claim the alternate correct option that you would like to claim as the correct option as shown in the image below:

Step 5: On completing your selection click on the “save your claims” button at the end.

Step 6: Next the candidates have to make payment against the challenges using online mode – Debit/Credit Card/ Net Banking. The processing fee will be refunded if the challenge is found correct. No challenge will be entertained without receipt of processing fee.

JEE Main 2019 Final Answer Key

The final answer key of JEE Main 2019 is made available only when the challenges are accepted against the provisional answer key. If no challenge is accepted then there is no release of another answer key. In most cases, challenges are accepted, and the final answer key is published.

Thus, NTA will release the final answer key after evaluating all the challenges. The final answer key will be available online at and under the candidate’s login. Note that the final answer key cannot be further challenged and will be the basis of JEE Main 2019 score calculation.

JEE Main 2019 Result

NTA will release the result of JEE Main 2019 January Exam by January 31, 2019. The result will be based on the correct answer in the final answer key. Thus, it is important to challenge the answer key if one thinks the correct answer by NTA might be wrong. This year, the AIR of JEE Main will not be raw score based. But it will be based in the normalised score. The percentile score will be hence be awarded to the candidates as the exam was held over multiple shifts and days.


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