How To Prepare For AP PGECET 2019?– Candidates need to gear up for preparing a lot of important topics at a very little time. Every candidate must start preparing each topic mentioned in the syllabus thoroughly rather than wasting their time looking for other books. Though, the AP PGECET 2019 isn’t of a much higher difficulty level. Preparing all the important topics well before the examination date would be the key to success. As this is a post graduation level, candidates can start preparing by brushing up their graduation level course specific concepts. For more such amazing preparation tips to this State level entrance, candidates can check this page out!

#1 Start Preparing Early

Candidates need to just stop wandering around and push themselves mentally to start preparing for the AP PGECET 2019. Stop looking for the other books and gathering notes from others. Start working towards achieving your goals. Keep all your distractions at bay during your study time. Stay focused! Don’t stress yourself much, just give your 100% efforts while preparing. A lil bit of determination and dedication can help you in achieving great heights( in this case, a seat under AP PGECET 2019). Divide your whole syllabus according to the time left in your hand and start preparing today onwards.

#2 Sticking To The Syllabus

The syllabus has been prescribed in order to simply answer candidate’s question “what to prepare?” So, candidates must start preparing according to it. Candidates need to go through the syllabus of the course they have applied for. Start preparing for the entrance test with the topic one considers to be time-consuming or the difficult ones. The doubts regarding the topics must be immediately cleared with the help of one’s teachers or tutors. Mind that, every topic mentioned in the official syllabus needs to be prepared. As you may never know, a question might end up appearing from the topic you have left. So, start preparing accordingly!

For candidates who have not yet been able to check the official syllabus can click here.

#3 Your Notes Are Your Saviour

Going through everything you have prepared at the last moment seems to be a very unreasonable idea. So, candidates can prepare some notes beforehand. It is surely going to ease things out a bit. Make sure, these notes have been prepared by you and not have been borrowed. Making your own notes would lead to having a better understanding of certain topics plus also resolve handwriting issues. Also, keep your class notes and coaching notes safe and go through them before appearing for the entrance.

#4 Revise Your Concepts By Solving Papers

After you are done with preparing all the topics enlisted in the syllabus prescribed. Candidates can have a glance at a previous year paper, sample papers, and mock test papers. Practice them as if you are appearing for the actual AP PGECET 2019 ( i.e with minimum time and utmost accuracy). The candidates can find the mock test papers for all the courses from the link mentioned, under the”mock test” heading on the main page. Make sure you are clear with all the topics in the syllabus, before proceeding to solve some extra questions from these above-listed papers.

#5 Recommended Book List

Below, we’ve chosen some of the best preparation materials for you. It will be right for all of the candidates if you all start preparing from authentic books with good authors. So, that you can actually look for the answers to your doubts in those books.

  1. Engineering Mathematics
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics – Erwin Kreyszig
  • GATE Engineering and Mathematics – Nodia and company
  • Engineering Mathematics – IES Master Team

2. Aerospace Engineering

  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics – John D., Jr. Anderson
  • Gas Dynamics-  E. Rathakrishnan
  • Airplane Performance Stability & Control – Perkins & Hage
  • Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion – Hill & Peterson

3. Biomedical Engineering

  • Introduction to Biomedical Engineering – Michael M.Domach
  • Principles of Medical Electronics & Biomedical Instrumentation – C. Raja Rao & SK Guha

4. Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Bonding for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET – Vaibhav Trivedi 
  • Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook – Robert H Perry
  • Properties of Gases & Liquids- Reid, Prausnitz, Poling

5. Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Objective Computer Science & Information Technology, 2e – G.K Mithal
  • GATE Computer Science and Information Technology 2019 – Trishna Knowledge System
  • Programming In C – Reema Thareja

6. Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • GATE 2019: Electronics & Communication Engineering – Solved Papers (32 Years) VOLUME-01
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering GATE 2019 – Ankit Goel and Alka Singh

7. Food Technology

  • Textbook of Food Science and Technology, 3/e – Avantina Sharma
  • Subjective and Objective Food Technology (Meant for JRF, SRF and Other Competitive Exams) – R. Pandiselvam, Sankararao Dhanimsetti, Anjaneyulu Kothakota 
  • Food Processing & Technology Question Bank – Suresh Chandra 

8. Instrumentation Technology

  • GATE 2018: Instrumentation Engineering – Solved Papers (26 Years)
  • Instrumentation Engineering GATE 2019

9. Metallurgical Engineering

  • Objective Type Questions and Answers In Metallurgical Engineering – OP Gupta
  • Gate Guide Metallurgical Engineering 2018

10. Biotechnology

  • GATE 19 Years’ Chapter Wise Solved Papers Biotechnology (2000-2018) 2019
  • Biotechnology – A Competitive Approach –  Neeraj Anand, Mahak Tufchi, Sudhir Kumar

11. Civil Engineering

  • Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type (2018-19 Session) –  R.S Khurmi and J.K Gupta
  • A Handbook on Civil Engineering – Illustrated Formulae & Key Theory Concepts – Made Easy Editorial Board

12. Electrical Engineering

  • An Integrated Course in Electrical Engineering (With About 15,000 Objective Type Questions & Answers) – JB Gupta
  • ESE 2019 Prelims Exam: Electrical Engineering – Topicwise Objective Solved Paper – Vol. II – Made Easy Editorial Board

13. Environmental Management

  • Wastewater Engineering Treatment and Reuse – MetCalf & Eddy 
  • Chemistry for Environmental Engineering and Science – Sawyer, McCarty and Parkin 
  • Industrial Water Pollution Control – W.W. Eckenfelder Jr.

14. Geo-Engineering & Geo-Informatics

  • Big Data: Techniques and Technologies in Geoinformatics – Hassan A Karimi
  • Managing Geo-Based Challenges: World-Wide Case Studies and Sustainable Local Solutions (Environmental Science and Engineering) – Serwan MJ Baban

15. Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering: Conventional and Objective Types (2018-19 Session)-  R.S. Khurmi
  • Conventional & Objective Type Question & Answers On Mechanical Engineering for Competitions – R.K. Jain

16. Nanotechnology

  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Fundamentals of Frontiers –  M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Shubra Singh
  • Introduction To Nanotechnology: Understanding The Essentials – Risal Singh Shipra Mital Gupta
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