To prepare for any examination and not only JEECE 2019, candidates must know the examination well, then they must have the exact resources and last but not the least a Study plan/timetable. If you have them, then you have the answer to “How to Prepare for JEECE 2019” or any other examination. If you are looking for help regarding this then you are at the right place. Below we have discussed how you can prepare for Jharkhand Engineering Entrance Competitive Examination (JEECE 2019). Also, links to all important preparation resources are available below. Get important books, question papers, syllabus, a study timetable and tips to crack the examination. Keep reading. For more help, you can comment below and let us know.

How To Prepare For JEECE 2019

Aspirants keep asking this question, thus we have decided to help. Let us know all about JEECE. When you know what you are preparing for, you can strategise accordingly. Thus here is a detailed analysis of JEECE.

How To Prepare For JEECE 2019

Difficulty Level

The overall difficulty level has risen over the years. Some say JEECE is a bit on the tougher side as compared to other state level entrance examinations. Overall the difficulty level on the scale of 1 to 10 is a 5 — Moderate.

Nature of JEECE Question Paper

  • Many questions are repeated each year. Thus solving previous years question papers will give you an edge. Thus, candidates do not face many difficulties.
  • There is balance in the amount of theoretical and numerical questions.
  • Duration of Examination is 3 hours where 150 multiple choice questions are asked.
  • The question papers contain 3 sections (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) with 50 questions in each part.

JEECE Previous Years Question Papers — Available Here

How To Prepare For JEECE 2019 – Know The Important Topics

Here are the subject wise important topics that you need to focus on without fail. These are the do or die chapters for JEECE examination. Concentrate more on these chapters while preparing.

JEECE 2019 Subjects Important topics Weightage
Physics Thermodynamics 10
Current Electricity 8
Kinematics 5
SHM and Waves 6
Electrostatics 7
Chemistry Basics of Organic Chemistry 10
Periodicity of Elements 8
Chemical Kinetics and Bonding 7
Thermodynamics 6
Carbonyl Compounds 6
The solid State 5
Mathematics Sequences and Series 10
Quadratic Equations 8
3D and Vectors 7
Differential calculus 6
Applications of Derivatives 5
Probability 4

How To Prepare For JEECE 2019 – Prepare a Study Timetable

The JEECE 2019 Examination Date will fall in the month of may 2019. Thus you have a whole year left. Thus why not prepare a month wise timetable. Here is how you can plan your schedule for JEECE 2019 Preparations.

Before starting with the study plan, make sure you have the entire syllabus of JEECE 2019 — Get it here

Study timetable for JEECE 2019

First 3 Months: Utilise in preparing the most important topics out of the JEECE 2019 Syllabus. We have discussed the important topics and their weightage already above on this page.

Next 3 Months: Concentrate on other chapters. Also, start solving at least 2 previous years JEECE question paper every week.

Next 3 Months: Now, revise the entire syllabus once again. Note down the doubts and solve them with help of teachers, friends or your guide. Revision is the most important element here. For mathematics and physics, solve the numerical and derivations. Practice as much as you can.

Last 3 Months: Concentrate on solving question papers and taking mock tests. This will improve your speed and accuracy. Also, keep revising every day for at least 2 hours. Dedicate more time to the important topics and topics you are weak in.

JEECE 2019 Important Books

Nothing can help you like good books can. Make NCERT Textbooks your bible. try to solve the entire textbooks more than once. Then you can move to other reference books. We have listed below the most recommended books for JEECE 2019 Preparations.

Name of the Book Authour Buying Link
16 Year’s Solved Papers JCECE Engineering Entrance Arihant Buy Here
12 Years’ Solved Papers (2002-2013) & 5 Mock Tests JCECE Engineering Arihant Buy Here
Concepts of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) H C Verma Buy Here
Problems In General Physics  I E Irodov Buy Here
Handbook of Physics Nipendra Bhatnagar Buy Here
Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers Mathematics for Engineering Entrances  B.L. Sharma Buy Here
Problems In Mathematics with Hints and Solutions V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, S. Smirnova Buy Here
Problems in Physical Chemistry Narendra Awasthi Buy Here
Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry M. S. Chouhan Buy Here
General Aptitude Theory and Practice  Anand Kumar, Ajay Kumar Buy Here
General Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning GKP Buy Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations  R S Aggarwal Buy Here

All the best to everyone. Do comment below and let us know how we can help you further!

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