Ok aspirants of KEAM 2018, we are done with paper 1. Now it is time for the Paper 2. It is well known that KEAM 2018 Paper 2 will be conducted tomorrow. CEE will conduct it as per the scheduled time which is 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. What are the last minute preparation tips you need to follow for this? Why not take a last minute look at the most important topics you need to revise a day before KEAM 2018 Mathematics paper. So, we are here with some expert views about how you can get yourself a bit extra ahead of others now! Read below.

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How to Prepare for KEAM 2018 Paper 2 (Mathematics)

So what you need to do this last minute. Well, Mathematics is all about practice. So, at this end moment while you reach home after Day 1 of KEAM, make sure you solve few previous years question paper.

How to Prepare for KEAM 2018 Paper 2

Solve KEAM 2018 Previous Year Question Paper

Solving previous years question paper will help you in following ways:

  1. You will stay in the mood for examination even before the exam starts. Which is good, it will warm up your brains and keep it ready for the very next day.
  2. Solving all questions in time will boost your confidence and you will be perked up to do the same on the exam day. Great isn’t it!
  3. You are practising not only the question paper but the exam in whole itself. By solving previous years question paper by creating an exam like environment will enable you to be ready for the exam day even more!

Revision – Your Best Friend on the last day before KEAM 2018

Befriend all the important formulas in Mathematics. Yes!! Formulas will help you solve any problem quickly and thus you will be able to complete your paper on time. One of the biggest problems is that the candidates face in the competitive examination is that they cannot complete the paper on time. Even though the paper is easy, they struggle to get it done on time.

So write down all the important formulas on a sheet. Rather than just reading them, keep it with you. Whenever you feel like revising just pop the paper out and take a look at it. It will thus settle into your subconscious and you will be able to recall every formula in the exam. Great tip, right!!

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Exam Day Tips – KEAM 2018 Paper 2

Wake up early friends!! Yes on the day of the examination wake up early. Fresh up and relax. Then take out that formula note that you had prepared. Go through it again. Now have a proper breakfast, very important.

That’s all do not stress much on the day of the examination. Try to keep your mind fresh and stress-free.

Do not forget the KEAM 2018 Admit Card!!!

  1. Try to Reach the venue 30 minutes before the exam time.
  2. Read the instructions on the examination paper carefully before attempting the questions
  3. A lifelong old advise, but a very useful one that you must also follow is: If you get stuck in a section/ some questions, then do not panic and leave these questions and attempt the rest of the paper. When you complete your exam, revisit these questions and calmly try to solve them.
  4. Work towards optimal utilisation of your time. Fix a time duration wherein you need to complete a set of questions. This will help you to complete your exam in time so that you will have some time to revise.

KEAM 2018 Checklist

Few things/documents which they need to mandatorily carry to gain admission into the examination hall are:

  • Admit card: Be sure to carry your admit card for the exam because without this you would not be allowed to enter the examination hall. Ensure that your photograph and other details are clearly printed on the admit card and it is not tampered with.
  • ID card: Carry your photo identification card which has your address on it along with the admit card. You may be asked to produce this for your verification.
  • Stationery: You need to carry a blue or black ball point pen for KEAM 2018. Nothing else will be allowed inside.
  • Clipboard/cardboard/writing board: It is advisable to carry a clipboard to the examination. This can prove extremely useful if there is any problem with the desk you are made to sit at. However, ensure that nothing is written on the board because you can be held for unfair practice.
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That is all. We wish all the KEAM 2018 aspirants all the very best!

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