If you are planning to crack the KIITEE 2019 examination then you need to know How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019. The KIITEE entrance test is held on a national level for admission into various B.Tech/B.Tech Lateral Entry/M.Tech courses at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar. With great placement offers and great educational environment, the competition to take admission into this college is a tough one. Thus you must pull up your socks and jot down some How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019 tips from this page below.

How to Prepare for KIITEE 2019

Preparing for KIITEE 2019 will be more or less same as preparing for any other engineering entrance examination of the nation. The preparation must start early and with a proper schedule. It is important that you know the syllabus for KIITEE 2019 and also the exam pattern so that you can create a strategy to for the preparation.

Syllabus Of KIITEE 2019

The detailed syllabus of KIITEE 2019 for B.Tech and B.Tech Lateral Entry course are given below. It is believed that very direct and straight forward questions are asked in the examination. You need to have a clear concept and a thorough fundamental knowledge. The subjects that the syllabus includes are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Detailed KIITEE 2019 Syllabus:

Note: This syllabus is taken from KIITEE 2018 information brochure. If there are any changes in the syllabus this year, it will be updated here.

Now since you are familiar with the whole syllabus, let us introduce you to How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019 subject wise. But before that, let us guide you through the examination pattern.

KIITEE 2019 Examination Pattern

Here is the brief outline of the KIITEE 2019 exam pattern.

  • Exam Duration: 3 hours.
  • Mode of exam: Online. It is a computer-based test.
  • Number of questions: There will be 120 objective type questions in the exam. 40 questions will be asked from each subject.
  • Marking scheme: 04 marks will be awarded for each correct answer. Negative marking of 01 marks for each incorrect answer. There will be no negative marking for unanswered questions.
  • Language of the question paper: English.

How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019: Physics

It is believed that physics is the toughest one out of the 3 subjects. Here are the important points that you must remember while preparing for this subject.

  • In physics, don’t skip any topic. Give importance to all of them and go for no shortcuts.
  • Behind every numerical, there is a concept that is important to understand. You can get ahead without knowing the concept and thus don’t limit yourself to the numericals. Learn the theories too.
  • Mugging up will never help you. No examination is scored with this technique, especially in Physics. Make sure you know the reason behind what you are reading. Have the understanding. This will help you solve all kinds of questions.
  • Practice and practice a lot. The derivations and numericals can be dealt with only by practising them again and again.

How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019: Chemistry

In KIITEE 2019, be prepared to face a lot of chemical formulas and periodic elements related questions. Thus jot down the following points about chemistry:

  • Learn the periodic table by heart. Know the properties of each element as almost all the concepts revolve around them in chemistry.
  • Give extra attention to the d and f block elements. One can easily score high in chemistry with the help of this tip.
  • In Physical Chemistry make sure you know all the formulas. The formulas in physical chemistry are the key to solve all the problems.
  • In Organic chemistry, you ought to be good with the reaction mechanisms. As organic chemistry is all about the structure of compounds, complex questions may be asked in the examination. Thus be well prepared with the reaction mechanisms.

How To Prepare For KIITEE 2019: Mathematics

No Maths genius, is so, without practice. In mathematics, you can not solve a variety of questions asked in KIITEE without practising a lot. here are few important tips regarding the same:

  • Dig out previous years’ question papers. Practice all of them. You will get to know the trend of the questions and the pattern. It will make you accustomed to solving many types of questions.
  • Know all the formulas and especially the shortcut formulas. You will need speed while solving the mathematics questions. Thus knowing the concepts and the shortcut formulas are a must.
  • Start with the basics, solve the basic problems and then move to the next level.
  • Develop a habit of understanding the problem clearly first and then jumping the solution.

About KIIT: Placements

Cracking the KIITEE 2019 will open doors of the KIIT university for you. The University offers some of the best career opportunities to its students after they are done with their course. The data below will walk you through the jobs offered in KIIT placements since the past few years. Source: www.kiitee.kiit.ac.in


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