Preparation for any exam or must have these 3 stages – Planning, Executiontion, and Evaluation. Thus, you will able to answer the question “How To Prepare For OJEE 2019” or any other exam. So how to go about these 3 stages of preparations. Well, we will discuss all of that on this page. OJEE 2019 is all about testing basics and also, there can be few tricky questions to test your application of the basic knowledge. Therefore a plan for OJEE 2019 Preparation will start with knowing the examination and then planning on how you can stay prepared. This exam is a mix of basics and indirect questions. Therefore, let us read below to know How To Prepare For OJEE 2019.

How To Prepare For OJEE 2019

Let us know the nature of OJEE exam first. This will include knowing the marking pattern, duration, test pattern and level of questions. Thereafter we will start with the stage 1 – Planning.

How To Prepare For OJEE 2019

Mode of the Examination: Offline (OMR Sheet will be provided)

Type of Questions: MCQs

Marking Scheme: +4 for each correct answer, -1 for each wrong answer.

Difficulty level: Moderate to High

Programme Number of questions Time of Examination
B.Tech Lateral Entry
  • Engineering Maths- 40
  • Engineering Mechanics- 40
  • Basic Electrical Engineering- 40

Total: 120

2 Hours
  • Branch questions- 60
  • Engineering Mathematics- 20
  • Arithmetic & Logical reasoning- 10

Total: 90

2 Hours

B.Tech Admissions are on the basis of JEE Main in the state of Odisha. Therefore candidates can take a look at how to prepare for JEE Main here.

How To Prepare For OJEE 2019 – Stage 1

Stage 1 is called Planning. To plan we will need to know what is OJEE 2019 Syllabus and what are the important topics out of it. Thus, let us first get these two important elements and then start our planning.

OJEE 2019 Syllabus

The OJEE 2019 Syllabus is important as you need to prepare accordingly. It will be wise if you stick to the syllabus and don’t waste time by wandering away from it.

⇒ Click Here to get the OJEE 2019 syllabus.

OJEE 2019 Important Topics

All topics are given equal importance in OJEE 2019. But there are few important things that one can note about OJEE 2019:

Lateral Entry B.Tech (Diploma Holders) candidates: The questions asked are mostly moderate. Most of the questions required basic knowledge and also there was an equal number of questions from all the topics.

Lateral Entry (+3 SC / B.Sc) candidates: The level of difficulty stands between moderate to high. there can be a few indirect questions in the physics and mathematics to test the knowledge of the candidates.

Now moving to our plan, candidates need to now divide their schedule to form a plan for OJEE 2019 Preparations. Know how from the points below:

Prepare an OJEE 2019 Study Timetable

  1. For OJEE 2019, almost 1 year is left. Thus the schedule can be divided month wise.
  2. First 3 Months: Utilise in preparing the topics that you are weak in. Get your doubts cleared and keep practicing these topics as much as you can.
  3. Next 3 Months: Concentrate on other chapters. Also, start solving at least 2 previous years OJEE question paper every week.
  4. Next 3 Months: Now, revise the entire syllabus once again. Note down the doubts and solve them with help of teachers, friends or your guide. Revision is the most important element here. For mathematics and physics, solve the numerical and derivations. Practice as much as you can.
  5. Last 3 Months: Concentrate on solving question papers and taking mock tests. This will improve your speed and accuracy. Also, keep revising every day for at least 2 hours. Dedicate more time to the important topics and topics you are weak in.

Follow the above plan of actions and you are good to go!

How To Prepare For OJEE 2019 – Stage 2

Stage 2 is Execution. Thus how will you execute the above plan? Read below:

  1. Avoid procrastination. Try to stay focused and motivated.
  2. For any help, you can comment below or ask your guide to help you out.
  3. Make sure you stick to the syllabus and do not deviate away from it.
  4. Take small breaks to stay fresh and also to avoid overloading.
  5. Keep making notes in your own handwriting. Writing helps you to remember things more prominently.
  6. Also, you can watch some youtube videos on preparations if you can not understand the books and notes.
  7. Try doing most of the revisions in the mornings. Quiet environment helps you to concentrate. In the second half practice and solve question papers.

Do you follow some other better technique? If Yes, share it with other candidates and lend a helping hand. Comment below

How To Prepare For OJEE 2019 – Stage 3

Stage 3 is the evaluation. How do you know that you have prepared well or you are doing well with your preparations? Here comes the stage of evaluation. How do you evaluate yourself?

  • Take mock tests every week. It will help you understand that how much you are improving or what more is lacking.
  • Next, discuss. Discussion with your teachers and friends will help you gain some extra points that you might be missing out.
  • Revise. You may get some doubts that you didn’t notice earlier.

OJEE 2019 Important Books

It is important to have the company of good books. No one will help you more like the important books for OJEE 2019 Preparations. Thus, if possible you can use any one of the following books to prepare for OJEE 2019. All the best everyone!!

Name of the Book Name of the Author Buying Link
Concepts of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) H C Verma Buy Here
Problems In General Physics  I E Irodov Buy Here
Handbook of Physics Nipendra Bhatnagar Buy Here
Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers Mathematics for Engineering Entrances  B.L. Sharma Buy Here
Problems In Mathematics with Hints and Solutions V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, S. Smirnova Buy Here
Problems in Physical Chemistry Narendra Awasthi Buy Here
Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry M. S. Chouhan Buy Here

OJEE 2019

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