Sharda University Admission Test (SUAT) for engineering admission will require a great deal of preparation. As we all know nothing comes easy unless you work hard for it. Therefore we are here with all important resources and few tips on How to Prepare for SUAT 2019? The answer remains the same, start now and start with a plan. Thus, all of you aspiring candidates if you are reading this you must have a notepad. Take notes! So let us get into solving How To Prepare For SUAT 2019?

How To Prepare For SUAT 2019

Hmm… so before we lay down the tips, let us list down the resources you need to start your SUAT 2019 Preparations. Here you go— check the table below to get the important books, syllabus PDF, and Exam pattern of SUAT 2019.

SUAT 2019 Resources for Preparations
Resource Get Here
SUAT 2019 Syllabus Get Here 
Important Books Get Here 
Sample Papers Get Here 
Exam Pattern Get Here 
SUAT 2019 Complete Information Get Here 

Now let us see how the above resources can be used to prepare for SUAT 2019. Keep reading!

How To Prepare For SUAT 2019 — Make a Study Timetable

How To Prepare For SUAT 2019

Ok, this is a very important step. Every topper or a rank holder in every examination is known to start their preparations with a plan and strategy. This starts with preparing a full proof study timetable. Not only preparing a timetable but also sticking to it. Therefore, we are here with a timetable that you may use for dividing your schedule and prepare for SUAT 2019.

Time for SUAT 2019: Let us see how much time we have? Suat is expected to start in the Month of May 2019. Thus if you start today you have a whole year left. Thus let us get down on dividing this whole year into a productive one.

You can use this timetable for other exam preparation too!

First 3 Months: Utilise in preparing the most important topics out of the SUAT 2019 Syllabus. we are going to discuss the important topics subject wise below on this page.

Next 3 Months: Concentrate on other chapters. Also, start solving at least 2 previous years SUAT question paper every week.

Next 3 Months: Now, revise the entire syllabus once again. Note down the doubts and solve them with help of teachers, friends or your guide. Revision is the most important element here. For mathematics and physics, solve the numerical and derivations. Practise as much as you can.

Last 3 Months: Concentrate on solving question papers and taking mock tests. This will improve your speed and accuracy. Also, keep revising every day for at least 2 hours. Dedicate more time to the important topics and topics you are weak in.

How To Prepare For SUAT 2019 — Know the important topics

Here are the subject wise important chapters for SUAT 2019 Exam Preparations. Concentrate on these chapters. Also, these are most scoring topics in SUAT 2019. Take notes!


As per the SUAT Exam takers,  in Physics the weightage of class 12 is around 60%. The focus is on the following topics:

  • Mechanics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Modern Physics


There are a good amount of questions from Physical Chemistry. Inorganic has a less share. Organic is based on that of class 12. Both, class 11 and 12 had roughly equal weightage. Concentrate on:

  • Physical Chemistry


The focus is mostly on the following topics. Also, class 12 had a greater representation.

  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Calculus.


Most of the questions are from NCERT textbook of class 12th. Basic grammar is a must. Most of the questions include the following topics:

  • Preposition
  • Use of Verb
  • Sentences
  • Active and Passive Voice

General Aptitude:

Concentrate on both qualitative and quantitative aptitude. Aptitude questions according to some, are tough but with little preparations, they seem to be easy.

Now you know what are the important chapters for SUAT 2019. Use the above study timetable and start your preparations today! All the best!

Do comment below if you need more help!!

How to Prepare For SUAT 2019 — Use this Tips!

  • Make a plan.
  • Stick to the plan.
  • Balance your preparation timetable. Have equal time for preps and fun.
  • Do not panic thinking about the outcome. Just work.
  • Practice. Try to improve your speed.
  • Clear your basics first. SUAT is all about Basic Knowledge.
  • For English read more. Improve the grammar part. This is possible if you read more and more. Read any book you like. Also, newspapers can work.

How To Prepare For SUAT 2019 — Know the Important Books

Name of the Book Name of the Author Buying Link
Concepts of Physics (Set of 2 Volume) H C Verma Buy Here
Problems In General Physics  I E Irodov Buy Here
Handbook of Physics Nipendra Bhatnagar Buy Here
Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers Mathematics for Engineering Entrances  B.L. Sharma Buy Here
Problems In Mathematics with Hints and Solutions V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, S. Smirnova Buy Here
Problems in Physical Chemistry Narendra Awasthi Buy Here
Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry M. S. Chouhan Buy Here
General Aptitude Theory and Practice  Anand Kumar, Ajay Kumar Buy Here
General Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning GKP Buy Here
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations  R S Aggarwal Buy Here
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