On this page, we will talk about “How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019?” VITMEE 2019 is an entrance examination of Vellore Institute of Technology for Post Graduate Courses. Thus, the aspiring candidates who want to take admission in VIT have to prepare for VITMEE and crack the same. Even the GATE qualified candidates need to appear and qualify the examination. Therefore, how do you crack VITMEE 2019? Let us discuss all about it. With us, you will get an analysis of the examination on this page and also how to use the same for preparation. Keep reading below to know more.

How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019

This is a Post Graduate level entrance examination and only for admission in VIT campuses. Therefore we need to know all about the examination we will cover the following points:

  1. Know the nature of VITMEE – Difficulty level, topic-wise weightage analysis and the exam pattern.
  2. Know the Syllabus
  3. Have a preparation strategy – A study timetable
  4. Important Books for Preparation

How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019

Knowing all these 5 points in details will help you ace your VITMEE 2019 examination. Thus let’s dig in!

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How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019 – Know the examination

Lets us know all about VITMEE 2019. How is the paper, what is the difficulty level and everything else:

VITMEE 2019 Exam Pattern

  • Mode of examination: Online (CBT)
  • Number of Questions in each paper: 100 (80 will be from the chosen technical subject and 20 will be from English communication)
  • Maximum Marks: 100
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Marking Scheme: +1 for each correct answer and no negative marks for wrong answers

VITMEE Analysis

Experts believe that if one can crack GATE, VITMEE will be a piece of Cake for them. Thus the difficulty level of VITMEE is nothing as compared to GATE. But if GATE is kept aside than the difficulty level of VITMEE stands as a moderate level exam.

  • VITMEE exam focusses mostly on the basic theoretical part. To crack VITMEE, you need to study the basic theoretical portions and concepts.
  • Also, it is said that VITMEE is not much tough but yes, it is lengthy. Thus having a good speed is a must.
  • And obviously, the technical section is always tougher than the English communication section.
  • Conceptual questions are more in VITMEE as compared to the numerical.
  • In English, most of the questions come from grammar like Verb Agreement, Tense forms, Voices, Articles and Preposition, Use of Conjunctions, etc.

Topic Wise Difficulty Level in VITMEE

You can check the table below to get an idea of the topic wise difficulty level:

Topics Difficulty level
Engineering mathematics Moderate
Calculus Easy
Vibrations Moderate
Inventory control Easy
Computer-aided engineering Easy

How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019 – Make A Study Timetable

Since there is more than a year left for VITMEE 2019, candidates can prepare month wise study timetable. Here is a structure for the same:

  • First 3 months: Prepare those topics which you feel are difficult but carry maximum weightage. Check the above table for topic wise weightage. Practice as much as possible. Also, make a habit of preparing notes while you prepare. This will help you remember for a longer period of time.
  • Next 3 months: Start with other chapters now. Also, you can start preparing from previous years question papers and sample papers of VITMEE 2019.
  • Next 3 months: Revisit your notes from the first 3 months. Revise all of them and start concentrating on your strength. Make sure you have left no page unturned of the important topics. However, do revise all the other chapters side by side.
  • Last 3 months: Take as many mock tests as possible. This will improve tour speed. Also, you will get used to the exam pattern more. You can also start with English communication preparation in the last 2 months. Concentrate on grammar part. Especially on prepositions, verbs, and tenses.

Get VITMEE 2019 Syllabus PDF — Click Here

How To Prepare For VITMEE 2019 – Know The Important Books

Here are few important books that will help you prepare for VITMEE 2019:

Name of the Book Name of the Author Buying Link
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Post Graduate Entrance Exam Mathematics Arihant Experts Buy Here
Post Graduate Entrance Exam Physics Arihant Experts Buy Here

If you have any suggestions for VITMEE 2019 Books and preparation, comment below!

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