The crucial element of any preparation is the previous years’ question papers. Many toppers and mentors swears by the fact that practicing mock tests using previous years’ question papers helps a lot. Practicing using the JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper will definitely give an edge to your preparations and improve the speed while you are at it. Along with the question papers, on this page, you will also find their solutions too. Thus, while are practicing using the question papers, you can also cross check your answers using the solutions. Let’s start. 🙂

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper And Solution

Now before getting a hand into the question papers let us have a look at the JEE Advanced 2019 exam shift and time. It is better to know when is the exam that you are preparing for.

JEE Advanced 2019 Session Time Exam Date
Paper 1 I 9:00 am to 12:00 pm 19 May 2019
Paper 2 II 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 19 May 2019

Now, below table will help you get the JEE Advanced 2019 Question Papers and Solutions:

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper And Solution

Year Paper 1 Paper 2
2007 download download
2008 download download
2009 download download
2010 download download
2011 download download
2012 download download
2013 download download
2014 download download
2015 download download
2016 download download
2017 download download
2018 download download

Why is Practicing Using The Previous Years’ Question Paper Important?

Well, this question needs no explanation. As being a student you would know that practicing using the question papers gives you the following advantages:

  1. You know the pattern by heart
  2. Most importantly, you get used to the structure of the question paper.
  3. In the exam, the question paper is no more a stranger, it is very familiar.
  4. Your speed increases as the above factors play a great role in determining your speed in the exam.
  5. You get to know the trends over the year – how difficult has the exam become, or has it gone easier?
  6. Plus, you get to know what type of question and from which section of the syllabus are most of the questions asked.

Thus, you know that question papers and their regular practice is an added advantage and is a big one.

To keep you going, here are few tips from the toppers of JEE Advanced!

Pranav Goyal (AIR 1, JEE Advanced 2018):

Solving previous year papers helped me a lot in getting an insight into the pattern of the examination.

 Guttu Sai Abhishek (AIR 31, JEE Advanced 2018):

He says that JEE Advanced preparation requires time management and accuracy. He adds, solving previous papers definitely helps. It teaches time management.

Satvat Jagwani (AIR 1, JEE Advanced 2015):

He advises the candidates to take a lot of mock tests using the previous years’ question papers. He has done that himself. He says it boosts the confidence before the examination.

Thus, it is vivid from the above words and suggestions from the toppers that solving JEE Advanced Previous Years’ question papers is always a boon. However, grasping the concepts using the right study material is also very crucial.

Some Important Tips Regarding JEE Advanced 2019 Preparation

Here are some bonus tips from us on how you can add to your JEE Advanced 2019 Preparations:

  • Speed and Accuracy: The key to crack JEE Advanced exam is getting a hold on speed and accuracy. Solving the question with good speed but also accuracy is not a piece of cake. But with a lot of practice, you can reach a good speed and accuracy combination.
  • Evaluating Yourself: Solving question papers also gives you an underrated advantage. This is evaluating your preparation at each step. It is important to know whether or not you are going in the right direction. Thus, if you solve the question papers and evaluate yourself you will know where your preparation is lacking and in what areas you need to work more.
  • Right Books: Get yourself the book that you are comfortable with. Books are like friends, you must choose them wisely. Choose the books that understand your level of understanding and will help you throughout. NCERT books are universal friends for all the IIT aspirants. Thus, grab them and spend as much time with them as possible.
  • Dividing your time: It is really important to understand first what are your weak areas and divide your time among them accordingly. Make a plan that is flexible a d not much rigid. Keep the plan easy going and as per your comfort.

JEE Advanced exam is called one of the toughest exam in the world. Thus, get overboard with the preparations and do not forget to grab these previous years’ question papers for that added advantage. All the best! 🙂

JEE Advanced 2019

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