Out of all engineering entrance exams held in India, JEE Main is considered the most competitive and challenging one. Although the JEE Main 2018 Analysis reveals that the cutoff marks of the examination are falling gradually. This is because of the fact that each year the number of seats are increasing. This year too, it is expected that the cutoff may fall. Although predicting the whole scenario. But the experts have given their analysis. This is done on the basis of their experiences. We dedicate the article to help you understand the trends of the most important engineering entrance examination conducted by CBSE. Read below.

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JEE Main 2018 Analysis

Let us have a look at the different aspects of the JEE Main 2018 that we will analyse to conclude the overall prediction if JEE Main 2018:

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JEE Main 2018 Analysis: Difficulty Level

To analyse the difficulty level of JEE Main 2018 we looked into the analyses by the experts. The experts of JEE Main like Allen Institute, Sri Chaitanya, Resonance and Vidyalankar has given a very mixed analysis this year. Let us have a look at each of them.

Difficulty Level Analysis by Allen

  • As per Allen, the most difficult section this year was Chemistry and Physics was the Easiest.
  • There was 5 difficult question in Chemistry and only 1 in Physics. Whereas in Maths there were 2 difficult questions.

Image Source: Allen

Difficulty Level Analysis by Sri Chaitanya

  • Like Allen, Sri Chaitanya also said Chemistry was difficult this year. But the easiest paper as per them was Mathematics and not Physics.
  • The number of difficult question in Chemistry were 7 as per them and in Physics, 2. Mathematics had no difficult question as per Sri Chaitanya.

Image Source: Sri Chaitanya

Difficulty Level Analysis by Resonance

  • According to Resonance, Mathematics was most difficult. Like Allen, they also said Physics was the easiest.
  • As per them, Mathematics had 10 difficult questions, Chemistry had 7 difficult questions. Whereas, Physics had only 3.

Image Source: Resonance

Difficulty Level Analysis by Vidyalankar

  • As per Vidyalankar, Physics was the hardest paper of all and like Sri Chaitanya, they also believe Mathematics was the easiest.
  • There were 6 difficult questions in Physics and only 3 in Mathematics.

Conclusion: No Institute had a common opinion. The experts had different views regarding the difficulty level. Interestingly Allen and Sri Chaitanya verdict that chemistry was most difficult which was considered to be the easiest of all as per the past trends. But there was no common viewpoint.

JEE Main 2018 Analysis: Cutoff Marks

Considering the past cutoff marks of each category it is pretty much clear that the cutoff marks have dropped gradually. The reason behind the gradual drop of the cutoff marks is that the number of seats offered through the JEE Main 2018 Counselling has increased over the years and various other factors that play a major role in students decision for opting JEE Main.

Although this year the experts are expecting the cutoff marks to be between 80 – 90.

Prof Uday Nath Mishra of BasicFirst, says, “Expected cut off is 80(+-5%) marks out of 360. The paper was moderate and based on NCERT. Chemistry was the most lengthy. Organic chemistry was found more difficult, physical chemistry was more numerical based, whereas, inorganic chemistry was easy. Maths was mostly based on class 12 syllabus and physics was based on class 11 syllabus”.

Expected Cutoff By the Top Coaching Centres:

Coaching Institute JEE Main 2018 Paper I Expected Cutoff
Toppr Between 95 – 105
BasicFirst 80 (+-5%)
Career Launcher 75-80
FIITJEE Around 86
Sri Chaitanya
  • Open Category – >=80
  • OBC – >=45
  • SC – >=30
  • ST – >=25
  • Open Category – 70
  • OBC – 38
  • SC – 28
  • ST – 25
Motion IIT
  • General – 82 – 90
  • OBC – 55 – 60
  • SC – 38 – 42
  • ST – 32 – 38

Will the trend of decreasing cutoff marks continue in JEE Main 2018, or there will be few surprises like there were in the difficulty level this year? To know this we need to wait for the decision of the institutions and CBSE.

Below table shows the category wise cutoff marks over the years:

Category 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
General 81 100 105 115 113
OBC-NCL 49 70 70 74 70
SC 32 52 50 53 50
ST 27 48 44 47 45

Conclusion: The cutoff of JEE Main 2018 has decreased since 2014. There can be various reasons behind it. Many call it the start of the Great realisation that other area of professional technical education are available and are easily accessible for everyone. The broadening of the education scenario, opening up of many fields, awareness among the students are also the major reasons behind the downfall of the JEE Main cutoff. 

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JEE Main 2018 Analysis: Number of Seats Offered

It is a clear observation that the number of seats has increased in the IITs, IIITs, GFTIs over the past 2 years. The table below indicates the fact clearly that with the number of seats are being increased in top engineering institutes of the nation. Also, this year the expectations remain the same.

JEE Main 2018 Analysis

Conclusion: In the NITs the number of seats has decreased, although in the IITs, IIIts, and GFTIs the seats offered has perked up. Thus, as per the trends, it hopefully going to rise this year too.

JEE Main 2018 Analysis: Registrations

The JEE Main registrations have gone down in the past 4 years. The total registrations have dropped by 15.3%. According to figures shared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), close to 11.48 lakh students across the country have registered for the exam this year. It is a drop of 51,000 as compared to last year. The figure stood at 12.07 lakh in 2016 and 13.04 lakh in 2015. Registrations had increased from 12.82 lakh in 2013 to 13.56 lakh in 2014.

JEE Main 2018 Registration

Conclusion: The reason of downfall of the number of registrations, is that the interests of students nowadays have diverted to law, journalism, management. As a result, the registrations for JEE Main 2018 has seen a gradual fall. This year too the fall is heavy.

JEE Main 2018: Wrap up of the Analysis

With the help of above JEE Main 2018 Analysis, we can conclude the following for JEE Main 2018:

  1. There is a drop in the number of registrations and the increase in the number of seats. So, the competition was a bit on the lighter side this year.
  2. The difficulty level of the overall paper was moderate. The paper was trickier and lengthy. The Board gave more importance to the Class 11 syllabus this year. Overall the questions were NCERT based.
  3. This year, the Cutoff marks are expected to decrease further. This is because there is a dip in the number of students and increase in the number of seats. The nature of the paper this year also indicates a dip in cutoff marks.
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