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The JEE Main 2018 Cutoff will be announced along with the declaration of the JEE Main Result 2018. The cutoff marks are the minimum marks needed by the candidates to appear in JEE Main 2018 Counselling. It is important for the candidates to have an idea of the cutoff marks so as to stay prepared as per the expectations of the examination. As per the cutoff trends from previous year JEE main examination, candidates will be able to judge their level of preparation and will be able to take apt decisions for their choice of admission and selection of courses.

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We discuss here the cutoff marks of the IITs, IIITs, NITs and GFTIs from previous years so that an idea of JEE Main 2018 Cutoff is available for the aspiring candidates. Read below to know more.

JEE Main 2018 CutOff

Here is the most important thing that a candidate must understand about JEE Main 2018 Cutoff. In JEE Mains all the candidates are given ranks, but not all the candidates are called for the counselling rounds. Only those candidates who achieve marks more than or equal to the cutoff marks in the examination are allowed to participate in JEE Main 2018 Counselling and take admission in the participating colleges. The participating institutes release the opening and closing ranks and on the basis of which the candidates participate in the admission process.

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There are two types of JEE Main Cutoff marks:

Type 1: JEE Main 2018 Cutoff marks for Admissions in the Participating Institutes.

Type 2: JEE Main 2018 Cutoff marks for appearing in JEE Advanced 2018.

JEE Main 2018 Cutoff trends for JEE Advanced

This simply means the minimum marks that is to be achieved by the candidates to be able to appear in JEE Advanced for admission in the IITs. Every candidate who appears in JEE Main is given a rank in the merit list, but not all qualify for JEE Advanced and the counselling rounds. Thus the cutoff marks are the minimum marks that a candidate requires to be eligible for either of the aforesaid category.

JEE Main 2018 Cutoff

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The number of candidates to be selected for JEE Advanced 2018 and the past years’ data is as follows:

2018: 2,24,000

2017: 2,20,000

2016: 2,00,000

2015: 1,50,000

2014: 1,50,000

It is very clear the number of qualifying candidates has increased, which has, in turn, led to the dip in JEE Main cutoff.

So what is to be noticed here is that this year the pool of candidates decided to be selected for JEE Advanced is 2, 24,000, greater than the previous years. Will the cutoff go down further?

Here are few factors that will decide the same:

  1. The difficulty level of the examination
  2. The performance of the candidates
  3. Number of candidates
  4. The Number of seats available

All the above factors will bring out the actual cutoff of JEE Main 2018 which will be declared as per the schedule mentioned above on this page.

JEE Main 2018 Cutoff: Opening and Closing Ranks

The candidates need to achieve a rank that is more than or equal to the closing rank for admissions into various participating institutes of JEE Main. The closing and opening ranks vary from institute to institute. Below are the previous years’ opening and closing ranks for NITs, IIITs, GFTIs. With the help of the previous years’ data candidates will be able to guess this years’ opening and closing ranks for the institute of their choice.

Previous year JEE Main Opening-Closing Ranks are mentioned for various institutes in the links below:

  1. Assam University Cut Off
  2. ABV-IIITM Gwalior Cut Off
  3. BIT Mesra, Ranchi Cut Off
  4. NIT Jalandhar Cut Off
  5. GKV Haridwar Cut Off
  6. IICT Bhadohi Cut Off
  7. IIIT Kota, Rajasthan Cut Off
  8. IIIT Guwahati Cut Off
  9. IIIT Kalyani, West Bengal Cut Off
  10. IIIT Sonepat, Haryana Cut Off
  11. IIIT Una, Himachal Pradesh Cut Off
  12. IIIT Andra Pradesh Cut Off
  13. IIIT Vadodara, Gujrat Cut Off
  14. IIIT Allahabad Cut Off
  15. IIIT Kancheepuram Cut Off
  16. IIIT Ahmedabad Cut Off
  17. IT-GGU Bilaspur Cut Off
  18. J.K. Institute Allahabad Cut Off
  19. MNIT Jaipur Cut Off
  20. MANIT Bhopal Cut Off
  21. MNNIT Allahabad Cut Off
  22. NIEIT Aurangabad Cut Off
  23. NIFFT Hatia, Ranchi Cut Off
  24. NIT Agartala Cut Off
  25. NIT Calicut Cut Off
  26. NIT Delhi Cut Off
  27. NIT Durgapur Cut Off
  28. NIT Goa Cut Off
  29. NIT Hamirpur Cut Off
  30. NIT Karnataka, Surathkal Cut Off
  31. NIT Meghalaya Cut Off
  32. NIT Nagaland Cut Off
  33. NIT Patna Cut Off
  34. NIT Puducherry Cut Off
  35. NIT Raipur Cut Off
  36. NIT Sikkim Cut Off
  37. NIT Arunachal Pradesh Cut Off
  38. NIT Jamshedpur Cut Off
  39. NIT Kurukshetra Cut Off
  40. NIT Manipur Cut Off
  41. NIT Mizoram Cut Off
  42. NIT Rourkela Cut Off
  43. NIT Silchar Cut Off
  44. NIT Srinagar Cut Off
  45. NIT Tiruchirappalli Cut Off
  46. NIT Uttarakhand Cut Off
  47. NIT Warangal Cut Off
  48. IIITDM Jabalpur Cut Off
  49. RGIIT Amethi Cut Off
  50. SLIET Longowal Cut Off
  51. SVNIT Surat Cut Off
  52. MZU Aizawl Cut Off
  53. School of Engineering Tezpur University Cut Off
  54. SPA Bhopal Cut Off
  55. SPA Delhi Cut Off
  56. SPA Vijayawada Cut Off
  57. SMVDU Jammu and Kashmir Cut Off
  58. VNIT Nagpur Cut Off
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