JEE Main 2018 examination will be conducted in the offline mode on April 08, 2018 and the online mode of the examination will be on April 15 and 16, 2018. The day is almost here. With various questions, being asked about the examination and the candidates being curious about almost every little thing, here is something that many ask: “Is there any dress code for the JEE Mains?”. So we have decided to make sure this question is answered in details. Although no specific dress code is prescribed by CBSE, you must take care of certain ethics when it comes to “what one should wear in the examination hall?”.

Read below to know the Do’s and Don’ts you should follow while appearing for the most sought after examination of the nation.

JEE Main 2018 Answer Key & Question Paper

JEE Main 2018 Dress Code

The most important factor that one should take into consideration is that JEE Main 2018 is conducted in the peak summers. Thus wear clothes that are comfortable and allows precipitation to take place. Here is what you should wear:

JEE main 2018 Dress Code

The candidates are sure to be nervous at this point of time and during the examination, the pulse rates are sure to increase. Thus it is a good idea to avoid clothing that may further make you uncomfortable or divert your concentrations. Follow the above-mentioned suggestions to stay comfortable inside the test centres.

There are few restrictions that were introduced for JEE Advanced 2016 in the dress code, but in JEE Mains no such implications were introduced. Thus the candidates are allowed to wear whatever they wish, keeping in mind a decent code of conduct and their own comfort.

JEE Main 2018: Remember these points

  • You will not be allowed any electronic gadget, including analogue/digital wrist watches.
  • You must enter the examination hall only with your JEE Main 2018 Admit card and Id Proof.
  • For Paper 2, candidates Geometry boxes are allowed.
  • Extra sheets for rough works will be provided.
  • Ballpoint pen will be also made available inside the examination hall. No need to carry your own.
  • No eatables will be allowed.

Coming to the dress code again, here are the brief points:

  • Girls are advised to tie up their hairs, as during the summers it may be uncomfortable. This factor depends from one person to another. Keep your comfort at priority.
  • No pieces of jewellery, no scarfs, caps, goggles and no fancy footwear are recommended.
  • Boys make sure you wear bottoms with not many pockets. avoid Full shirts and t-shirts.
  • Avoid wearing belts. At few examination centres, they may ask you to remove it.

Why is dress code important?

Dress codes are important because they are in accordance with fair examination environment. wearing anything fancy may lead to diversion of concentrations and hamper the candidates’ performance. Also, a code conduct is maintained is a decent dress code is followed. Most importantly, it makes it easier for invigilators to ensure that no one is cheating by hiding chits or study material in clothes.

Although CBSE does not imply any dress code for JEE Main 2018, candidates must make it their responsibility to make sure they follow a decent JEE Main 2018 Dress Code of their own.

Special Instructions for the Diabetic Candidates

The diabetic candidates who will be appearing for JEE Main 2018, are allowed certain provisions. Here are all the special instructions:

JEE Main 2018

Reminder: Do not forget your JEE Main 2018 Admit Card under any circumstances.

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