JEE Main 2019 Attempts Limit

JEE Main 2019 Attempts Limit – We got a flood of queries after the press conference, where Prakash Javadekar announced that JEE Main 2019 will be twice a year, first on January 2019 and then on April 2019. Out of most of these queries, we were asked about the attempts limit. How many times can I attempt JEE Main now? If I attempt JEE Main in January and then again on April will it be counted as two attempts? and many such concerns. Thus, to clear the confusions of the majority of the aspirants – We are here with this article. We will address all your doubts related to JEE Main 2019 Attempts Limit here. Keep reading!

JEE Main 2019 Attempts Limit

The information brochure for JEE Main 2019 is now available. Aspirants, who have already appeared for JEE once or twice were especially concerned about the attempts. Such is because earlier a candidates could only appear for JEE Main 3 times and that too consecutively. However, this year, as per the information brochure, there is no such criteria. As per the recently released information brochure, anybody who has appeared for class 12th boards exam in 2017 or 2018 is eligible for JEE Main 2019. Even candidates who will be appearing for boards exam in 2019 are also among the eligible candidates.

Caution: Below explanations are based on previous years criteria. The above criteria are now the only ones that stand valid.

What does consecutively means?

It means you had to appear in JEE Main in 3 years back to back. Say you had appeared in JEE Main in 2016, but not in 2017, however, you choose to appear in 2018, it is counted as 3 attempts. In short, you can not drop a year, you have to appear for JEE Main back to back for 3 years.

JEE Main 2019 Attempts Limit

What happens in 2019?

Now coming to 2019, this rule will remain the same most probably. However, in the press conference, this part was not talked about. But as Prakash Javadekar has said that nothing else will change, we think this rule will remain the same. Now since JEE Main from 2019 onward will be twice a year, that means you get 6 attempts in all for JEE Main. How six? Let us explain.

6 Attempts in JEE Main!! ????

Each year you get 2 attempts (January and April). As per the above explanation, you can attempt JEE Main for 3 years back to back (consecutively). Thus you get 2 attempts in every 3 years. Thus in all, you have 6 attempts in your bag.

Candidates who have already appeared in JEE Main twice

Ok. we also got numerous queries on this. There are many aspirants who have already attempted their JEE Main Exam on 2017 and then in 2018. Which means they have attempted JEE Main twice. Now, what about them?

Such candidates can appear in both January and April Exam because it will be counted as one single attempt and not two. We say so because Prakash Javadekar has made is thing clear that candidates can take either both exam or any one exam. The admission will be based on the best score of the candidates out of the two exams. Thus, admission will be done once, not twice. Moreover, conduction of two exam is just to give the candidates an extra opportunity to perform better and to give them a chance to appear in other exams if they miss out one due to unavoidable reason.

Thus, candidates need not worry! Just focus on your preparations 🙂

Summarising: You get 6 attempts in JEE Main, two attempts in three back to back (consecutive) years.

Preparation Resources For JEE Main 2019

Note: All the above explanation is per the logic that JEE Main will be held twice but admission will be done once. There is no official statement about the number of attempts as of now.

All the best aspirants! We hope this article helped you. If you want to ask more, you can shoot your questions in the comment section below.


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  1. I had attempt in2018 now exam in 2019 is counted as my2nd attepmt or what??
    In 2019 two exam held then both as couted as1attempt or two

    • Hi Sumiran,
      Since the admission will be based on best scores out of both the attempts, we think, that both your attempts will be counted as one. But there is yet no official clarification, we will update our page once the official announcement is made. Keep in touch! 🙂

  2. Sir I will apperar in board examination in 2019 and I am thinking to take a drop and start preparation for jee, than how many time I can aplerar in jee when I will be class 12 and after taking drop.

  3. sir i appeared for board examination in 2018 and i dropped a year and i also missed last date to register for january exam….. how many attempts are still left for me?…….

    • you can apply for the April exam this year. Or you can also apply in 2020. But since you have appeared for board examination in 2018, 2020 attempts will be your last attempt. You thus have 3 attempts one in 2019 (April), and 2 in 2020 (Jan, Apr).

  4. Sir I was badly injured during my class 12th exam and not abled of giving two papers chem and math and was also not capable of giving jee mains so what is for me now….I filled my jee mains form previous year but wasn’t able to attend the exam

  5. I Have Applied For B.Arch And B.Tec Both. They Are Gonna Held In Jan. So, How Much Chances After This I Have To Appear In MAINS In Coming Future?

  6. Sir i failed in 12th in 2017,2018 and both the time i gave jee mains and in 2018 i qualified it however it doesn’t matter my question is in 2019 if i pass class 12th and qualified jee mains can i Abel to give jee advance?

    • hi Navern,
      You can appear for the JEE Main exam in 3 consecutive years. Each year has 2 attempts and thus you get a total of 6 attempts to clear the JEE Main exam.

  7. Hey,i am going to appear 12th boards in 2020 but thinking not to appear in mains in 2020 then I would have 6 attempt or only 4 attempt .nd what if appear in mains 2020 but not adv then how many chances for adv ?

  8. Sir I have appeared for boards and jee in 2018 and I have appeared in jee (January) 2019 and I am going to appear in jee (April) 2019 so that am I eligible for jee 2020?

  9. i am already registered for JEE Mains in January and i want to give again in April then again registration is needed or by previous registration is enough and if enough then how to ensure?
    Please convey as possible as fast.

  10. Sir
    I got compartment in maths in 12 , 2018 .
    And giving all exam in 2019 . But not sure that I’ll make it to clear 75% . So if I take drop second time . So can I give JEE mains third time (2020)with filling improvement in some subjects.

  11. sir i fill jee mains form but i not give jee mains due to badly injury and i not give board exam also . is it consider a chance .

    • You can appear for JEE Main for three consecutive years only. If you have give your class 12 exam for the first time in 2019 (cleared or not), you will get option to appear for JEE 2020 as well as JEE 2021.

  12. Hello,
    Due to some unavoidable reasons I could not give my two subject papers of class 12th this year (2019). Now I have to repeat 12th class again and I will be completing my 12th class now in 2020. But I have given jee mains attempt of January 2019. Please, tell me how many attempts do I have left?

    • If you appeared for class 12th for the first time in 2019, You can appear in JEE Main 2020 as well as JEE Main 2021

  13. If i fill jee mains 2017 form .i am student of kota when i went for practical in school of class 12 in dec.17 . i shock to know i am not register to board from class 11 but they were taking fee to me . I could not give jee as well board. Consider a chance in jee? I complete my 12 give jee mains 18 19 . Can i give jee mains one more chance? (If 17 not consider a chance by jee)

    • You can appear JEE Main 3 times. One with board exams (actual board exam when you are registered), next year and next to next year. So if you was not registered for class 12 boards in 2017, and you actually registered and completed class 12 in 2018, then you are eligible for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

      However if you registered for class 12 in 2017, you are eligible till 2019 only.

  14. I appear class 12 in 2018 and first time I attempted jee main in 2019 for January and April but I am not selected .so can I again attempted jee main in 2020

  15. Sir I passed the 12th class in 2018 but didn’t appear in Jee mains but appear in 2019 jee exam in both January as well as April.
    Am I eligible for Jee 2020 exam if I didn’t take admission this time?

  16. Sir I scored 88% in Jee mains from obc category and cutt off is 75% of obc category.
    My rank is 39001 in obc am I eligible for Jee Advanced?

  17. I gave 12th board exam this year and also jee mains now i want to reappear for class 12th can i give jee exam once with 12th and then in 2021?

  18. i wrote jee mains (jan) and registered for jee mains (april) but didnt write the exam … DOB(07.09.2001) how many more attempts can i give for jee

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