JEE Main 2019 is going to be held twice a year from 2019 by National Testing Agency (NTA). This was confirmed on July 06, 2018 by Prakash Javadekar in a press conference. All details on changes and exam dates of NTA JEE Main 2019 is available in the latest link below.

 Latest: JEE Main 2019 exam dates and changes

Now, answering the questions that we all had in mind before the press conference:

  1. Will NTA hold JEE Main 2019? – Yes
  2. Will JEE Main 2019 be held twice a year? – Yes
  3. Is JEE Main 2019 going to be a completely online exam? – Yes

NTA JEE Main 2019

Below we had discussed the above questions before the press conference was held. But since Prakash Javadekar has cleared the air, all the below confusions are clear and transparent now. All Latest updates are available here –  JEE Main 2019 exam dates and changes

Confusions before the Press Conference of July 06, 2018:

Will NTA hold JEE Main 2019?

As students of mathematics and lovers/haters of probability, you may be glad/sad to know that there are 50-50 chances of NTA holding JEE Main 2019.

Until CBSE or MHRD makes a public declaration, half the academic world is assuming that NTA will hold JEE Main 2019 instead of CBSE. The other half is looking forward to Central Board of Secondary Education only conducting the exam.

National Testing Agency

NTA or National Testing Agency is the new official body that will conduct exams of higher education. It will take over role of CBSE and AICTE in conducting JEE Main, NEET, JNVST, CTET, UGC NET, CMAT, GPAT. It is headed by Vineet Joshi (ex-Chairman of CBSE).

Will JEE Main 2019 be held twice a year?

If NTA holds the engineering entrance exam, then there are high chances that it will be held twice a year.

You may have come across news reports claiming that JEE Main will be held in December 2018. Not one or two, but many are claiming it. Insofar officials have not confirmed the reports.

We have written many news articles on it also, inviting student views. It is surprising to see that many students want JEE Main to be held in December.

Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of JEE Main being held twice a year.


Second chance: The reason behind students favoring twice a year JEE Main is because they want a second chance. Many students feel that their fate should not be decided by a performance of a single day.

Less pressure: Right now students have tremendous pressure to perform in JEE Main. Their fate of realizing engineering dreams depend on a single day. With a second chance, this pressure will drop a great deal.


Confusion in admission session: In India, usually the exams that are held twice a year also have two admission sessions. For example AIIMS PG is held in November for January session admission, and in May for July session admission. But in engineering, admission is done only once. So there is a little confusion right now as to how will the students be divided.

Will more students drop and opt for second chance?: Say a student gets 10000 rank. Will he prefer to get a good college at that rank, or try again in second chance and see if he can get a better college? If the exams are near each other, then it will not be a concern, but if admission is in next session, then maybe yes. In that case, student will prefer taking the December exam as he gets more time to prepare.

Comments invited! Let us know your views on the matter. Do you think JEE Main 2019 should be held twice a year?

Is JEE Main 2019 going to be a completely online exam?

With the boon of giving a second chance, NTA brings with it the bane of online exam. Why we say bane is explained later on. As per the PIB notice that announced setting up of the National Testing Agency, the exams will be online.

Now in the larger picture, online exams are better from a logistics, error-elimination, transparency point of view. However at the root level, it is a concern for many students.

Not all students love online mode of exams. They prefer offline mode, when given a choice.

Last year, the number of candidates registered for online exam was 237318. Number of candidates registered for offline exam was 897766. Those who appeared for online exam were 216755 in numbers. Those who appeared for offline exam were 857564 in numbers.

However answer to the question as to whether JEE Main 2019 will be completely online or not is that there is no surety. From whichever year NTA decides to hold the Joint Entrance Exam, it will be online. However, whether the 2019 JEE Main will be online or not depends on who conducts the exam.

Tips For JEE Main 2019

A big advice to you right now would be that you immerse yourself in preparation. The answers to all these questions are irrelevant to a student who is studying hard and has the knack for pursuing engineering as a career option.

You should complete your JEE Main 2019 syllabus by November/December. Then you should take mock tests and solve papers. Try to attempt more online mock tests so that you can be prepared if these changes are implemented.

Stay away from negative and political discussions surrounding engineering entrance exams in India. Your focus should be to do well in exams and build a good future for yourself and the world you live in.

Entrance exams are not what determines who you are; they are just there to test your inclination of aptitude. If you really want to do engineering and work for it, no one can stop you.

The government bodies involved in making decisions regarding the National Testing Agency, JEE Main, and other related matters will give answers soon. They will try to ensure that all is done in a manner to cause you least inconvenience. So do not worry. Just study hard. ????

Stay tuned to all latest news of JEE Main 2019 with AglaSem. You can share your views in comments below.

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