To achieve a wonderful result in KCET 2019 entrance test, the candidate should have complete details regarding KCET 2019 Syllabus. Syllabus not only provides a powerful direction to the learning process but also helps in learning the most appropriate topics. KEA has prescribed a proper syllabus for KCET 2019 i.e. going to be conducted most probably in the 3rd week of April 2019. For more details regarding KCET 2019 syllabus, candidates can scroll down and read the article below.

KCET 2019 Syllabus

The syllabus is the most important tool towards preparation. KCET 2019 will be based on the First and Second PUC syllabi prescribed by the Department of Pre University Education of Karnataka State. The students applying for B.E./B.Tech will have to appear for PCM subjects and for the candidates who will apply for B.Tech (Agri.Engg), B.Tech (Food Techno), B.Tech (Dairy Tech), they have to appear for all the 4 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology). Each paper will be of 60 marks with duration of 1 hr 20 mins. 1 mark will be given for each correct answer and negative marking is not allowed.

The topics of Mathematics for I & II PUC is as follows:

Sets and functions Relations and functions
Algebra Algebra
Co-ordinate geometry Calculus
Calculus Vectors and 3-D geometry
Mathematical reasoning Linear programming
Statistics and probability Probability

For detailed syllabus of Mathematics, check below:

The topics of Chemistry for I & II PUC is as follows:

Some basic concepts of chemistry Solid state
Structure of atom Solutions
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties Electrochemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Chemical Kinetics
States of Matter- Gases and Liquids Surface chemistry
Thermodynamics General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Equilibrium p-block elements
Redox reactions d and f block elements
Hydrogen Co-ordination compounds
s-block elements Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Some p-block elements Alcohols, Phenols, Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic acids and Ethers
Organic Chemistry – Some basic principles & Techniques Biomolecules and polymers
Hydrocarbons Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Environmental chemistry Chemistry in everyday life

For detailed syllabus of Chemistry, check below:

The topics of Physics for I & II PUC is as follows:

Physical world Electric charges and fields
Units and Measurement Electrostatic potential and capacitance
Motion in a straight line Current electricity
Motion in a plane Moving charges and magnetism
Laws of motion Magnetism and matter
Work, energy, and power Electromagnetic induction
System of particles and rotational motion Alternating current
Gravitation Electromagnetic waves
Mechanical properties of solids Ray optics and optical instruments
Mechanical properties of fluids Wave optics
Thermal properties of matter Dual nature of radiation and matter
Thermodynamics Atoms and nuclei
Kinetic theory Semiconductor electronics
Oscillations and waves Communication systems

For detailed syllabus of Physics, check below:

The topics of Biology for I & II PUC is as follows:

Diversity in the living world Reproduction
Cell structure and function Genetics and evolution
Plant physiology Biology in human welfare
Human physiology Biotechnology and ecology

For detailed syllabus of Biology, check below:

KCET 2019

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