So, the KEAM 2018 Paper 1 exam concluded yesterday at 12:30 PM. We thus decided to look into the KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis. Also today, the paper 2 was conducted successfully. Now the analysis of the same will be available here. Candidates are discussing their experience and reactions on various social platforms. Paper 1 was for Chemistry and Physics subject and paper 2 was for Mathematics. Also, the experts have shared their views about the examination.

Commissioner of Entrance Examination conducted this examination across various test centres in Kerala, Mumbai, New Delhi and Dubai. Candidates qualifying the examination will be offered admission in various colleges in the state of Kerala. About 1 Lakh candidates have taken the examination today. Read below to know all about KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis.

Latest: Get here Keam 2018 Paper 1 Answer Key and Paper 2 Answer Key.

KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis

Here are the initial reactions of the candidates about KEAM 2018 after the examination concludes for both paper 1 and paper 2.

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Day 2: KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis of Mathematics – NEW!

Mathematics: The Mathematics paper of KEAM 2018 concluded today sharp at 12.30 PM. The paper was termed as “Piece of Cake”. Candidates found it really easy to solve.

KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis of Mathematics

Candidates are overall happy. They say Paper 2 today, was much easier than paper 1. According to them, time management is the key to score well in KEAM. There few repetitions of questions from last year too. The difficulty level also remained the same as last year.

KEAM 2018 Paper 2 Analysis

The examination went on without any hassle and the initial reaction of the candidates on social media seems to be good. They are happy with the questions. Candidates found it good, Those who have prepared well could easily score well.

KEAM 2018 Paper 2 Analysis

So, last year in Mathematics there were few confusions. One question was found ambiguous and two questions had no correct options. Overall, the paper appeared easier than expected. Most of the questions were direct.According to the experts, the Mathematics paper was moderately easy helping the students to score good marks.

Day 1: KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis of Physics and Chemistry

Experts say that the Physics part can be termed as difficult. The paper mostly had indirect questions and was more on the calculative part and time-consuming. Whereas, Chemistry part was easier. 75 percent questions were direct. Apart from electrochemistry part, it wasn’t time-consuming.

Overall the paper was above moderate in difficulty level.

Today the candidates’ initial reaction was that the Paper 1 was quite tough for them. On social media, students are discussing that the question paper being on a bit tougher side.

KEAM 2018

While some say the paper was tough, there are many that found the paper overall very good. Chemistry especially was the favourite of all. Like every year candidates had a good time in KEAM 2018 Chemistry part.

KEAM 2018 Day 1
Candidates are saying that they found Physics tougher than Chemistry this time. Well, this is same every year. Physics is the toughest nut to crack!!

KEAM 2018 Paper 1 Analysis

Physics a tough nut to crack, like every year! Candidates liked chemistry but reacted a different way for the physics section. Overall they say the paper was tough.

KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis

On Quora, candidates are discussing how the paper was tough this year as compared to previous 3-4 years.

KEAM 2018 Paper Analysis

Ok. so everyone till now is of the opinion that KEAM 2018 was surprisingly tough this year!!

On April 24, 2018, i.e tomorrow, the Mathematics paper is scheduled. Although Mathematics is considered the easiest paper of all, will the tables turn this year? Or the same trend will prevail. To answer these questions we need to wait until tomorrow!

Last year, most candidates found chemistry very easy and ended up attempting more questions in Chemistry than in Physics. According to experts, the Paper 1 of KEAM was a balanced one with a moderate difficulty level. The questions were of good standard and ideal to check the engineering aptitude of the students.

KEAM 2018 Overall Difficulty

The overall difficulty level of the Paper 1 last year was “Moderately Difficult” and the paper 2 was “Moderately Easy”.

KEAM 2018 Paper AnalysisKEAM 2018 Answer Key – Now Available!

After the examination, candidates are curious about checking their answers in the examination. Thus, many coaching centres have now released the unofficial KEAM 2018 Answer Keys. Candidates can check their answers using these keys.

Although, CEE will release a more reliable source of Answer key. This will be the official answer key. Candidates can crosscheck both of them and get their estimated scores.

KEAM 2018 Result

KEAM 2018 Result will be made available by CEE on their official website Candidates will need to check the result in online mode only. The KEAM 2018 Result will be declared by May 25, 2018. The result will carry the final scores of the candidates. based on these scores the candidates will be offered admission to the engineering courses in various institutes of the state.

How was your KEAM 2018 Paper 1 Examination? Do let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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    • Many are saying the same, even the experts say the physics paper was tough. All the best for the upcoming Mathematics Paper though!!

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