KLUEEE 2019 Sample Papers is the best preparation material for the exam. It will help students to get a fair idea about the type of questions that are most likely to be asked during the exams. Candidates should practice as many sample papers of KLUEEE 2019 as possible to become more accurate and efficient in solving the problems. The sample papers are available online and offline. The candidates can get the complete details regarding KLUEEE 2019 Sample Papers from this article.

KLUEEE 2019 Sample Papers

The sample papers for KLUEEE 2019 will be released on the official website very soon. The direct links to download the sample papers will also be provided here very soon. Until then, candidates can check the sample papers for the previous years from below:

Click Here to download KLUEEE 2019 sample paper.

KLUEEE 2019 Exam Pattern

KLUEEE 2019 exam pattern is given below:

  • MCQ type questions will be asked.
  • Duration of the test will be 3 hours.
  • The question will be asked from the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Botany/Zoology.
    SubjectTotal MarksNumber of Questions
  • 1 mark will be given for each correct response.
  • There is no negative marking.

KLUEEE 2019 Sample Papers

KLUEEE 2019 Syllabus

The KLUEEE 2019 syllabus for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology is as follows:

Units and dimensionsAlgebraAtomic StructureWorld of Plant LifeZoology, the Basics
Elements of vectorsTrigonometryNuclear ChemistryInstitutes & Botanists of IndiaCharacters and Classification of Invertebrate Phyla upto the Level of Classes with Examples
Kinematics-DynamicsVector AlgebraPeriodic Classification of ElementsVegetative MorphologyAnimal Organisation
Work, Power, and EnergyProbabilityChemical BondingReproductive MorphologyLocomotion and Reproduction in Protozoa
Centre of MassCoordinate GeometryStoichiometryClassification of Flowering PlantsAnimal Associations
FrictionCalculusGaseous StateEconomic BotanyPhylum
Rotatory motionSolutionsCell BiologyPhylum-Arthropoda
GravitationAcids and BasesInternal Organisation of PlantsMan and Biosphere
Simple Harmonic motionElectro ChemistryBiotechnologyPhylum-Chordata
ElasticityChemical Equilibrium and chemical KineticsPlant KingdomFunctional anatomy of Rabbit-Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory systems
Surface TensionChemical EnergeticsMicrobiologyFunctional Anatomy of rabbit-Excretory, Musculoskeletal and Reproductive Systems
HydrodynamicsSurface chemistryPlant PathologyGenetics
Expansion of Solids- Liquids-GasesHydrogen and its CompoundsPlants and EnvironmentOrganic evolution
ThermodynamicsAlkali and Alkaline Earth MetalsCrop ImprovementApplied Zoology
Thermal RadiationsGroup elementsPlant Physiology
SoundIV Group elements
Geometrical OpticsV Group Elements
Physical OpticsVI Group Elements
MagnetismVII Group Elements
ElectroStaticsNoble Gases
Current ElectricityTransition Elements (d-Block)
Thermo ElectricityEnvironmental Chemistry
Electro MagneticsHydrocarbons-I (Alkanes and Alkenes)
Atomic PhysicsHydrocarbons II
Nuclear PhysicsAlkyl Halides
Semiconductor DevicesAlcohols
Aldehydes and Ketones
Carboxylic Acids
Nitrogen Compounds
Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Preparation Tips for KLUEEE 2019

Here are some important tips that the candidates should follow in order to obtain maximum marks in the entrance test of KLUEEE 2019:

  • Make proper notes of each and every important formula that you get while studying.
  • Give proper time to all the subjects. If you think that you are weak in any topic or subject, then devote more time to that particular topic/subject.
  • Maintain proper time during solving the questions at your time because time management is very important to crack the competitive examinations.
  • Solve sample papers, previous years question papers and give mock test to know the real time situation of the test.
  • Make your goal clear-cut. Don’t deviate from it.

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