NATA 2018 Analysis

NATA 2018 Analysis – NATA 2018 was held on April 29, 2018, from 09.30 AM to 12.30 PM. The Council of Architecture conducted the examination today across the nation and also in Dubai. Candidates have been preparing hard for this day and finally today the paper got over without any problems. Last year almost every student and teacher said the NATA paper was way too different than every year. The change in the pattern surprised everyone. Since the examination is just over, we have updated the initial reaction of the candidates over various social media below.

Latest: NATA 2018 Result has been announced. Click Here to check yours!

NATA 2018 Analysis

Here is what the pattern of NATA 2018 was. This year the paper was set according to this same pattern. Although last year many candidates complained that the paper was not as per the pattern mentioned by COA. Last year, the paper had over 33 questions of Mathematics with a total of 66 marks allotted.

Subject Number of Question Marks Per Question Total Marks
Part A
Mathematics 20 MCQ 2 40
General Aptitude 40 MCQ 2 80
Part B
Drawing 2 40 80
Total 62 NA 200 

Now let us take a look at the paper analysis of NATA 2018 section wise. Students and Teachers last year were surprised by the question paper saying that it was not difficult but different. Let us see what NATA 2018 gave the students this year, given that the examination is now over.

Overall Analysis of NATA 2018

Although the paper was surprising last year, students were all geared up for this year. The initial reactions say that the paper was great.

The only confusion is regarding the issue that has come up that few candidates have attempted the drawing question but did not mark it in the online mode. That is they did not select the “mark as answered” option in part B online. Will that affect the evaluation?

Regarding this, the NATA officials have confirmed that the drawing sheets will be evaluated even if the candidates did not mark it in the online response.

Part A

NATA 2018 Analysis – Mathematics

Following are the topics from which questions were asked in Mathematics: Matrices, Algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, calculus, the equation of the circle. The Questions were doable and were on predictable lines, there was no surprise element in the section. Overall this section was easy.

However last year candidates said, mathematics was quite easy but lengthy. Maximum questions were from 2D and 3D geometry and Calculus. There were few questions from Matrices and Trigonometry too. Overall mathematics section last year required a thoroughness of CBSE concepts.

NATA 2018 Analysis – General Aptitude

There were questions related to Puzzle solving, syllogism, critical reasoning, inferential reasoning, statement assumption and conclusion, pictorial reasoning, mathematical reasoning, logical operations, ven diagram, set theory, sets, union, intersection, 3-dimensional figures, visualization, understanding of isometric figures. The section was tricky and required good analytical skills for cracking the correct answer.

Last year this section was the easiest part. A lot of repeated questions from previous years were there. The only disappointment was that there were no image identification questions. There were quite a good number of questions on logic, analytical mathematical reasoning, etc. In addition to that basic maths of 9th 10th was also included.

Part B

NATA 2018 Analysis – Drawing

There were 2 questions of 40 marks each, someone who would have done good preparation and had a knack for drawing and understanding of proportionality, comfortable with freehand drawing and good with visualization of 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional figures can very easily score 50 plus marks in this section.

On the other hand, last year it was the toughest and lengthy part. There was a perspective question. Also, both questions had memory drawings, one of which was coloured one.

How was your NATA 2018 Examination? Was the paper in line with the examination pattern as mentioned by COA? Which Section was most difficult? You can help us with your views and we will get back with more detailed analysis.

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  1. Sir
    Can u help me actually sir maine drawing ke que.. drwing sheet m toh fill kr dia but wo ques.. onlyn computer m mark nhi kia vha vo unanswerd hi rah gye toh drawng sheet chk hohi sir ya nhi

  2. This year aptitude was the toughest…because according 2016 and 17 the papers…they related more questions according to buildings or logics but this year apti is so shit..????

  3. Even i did the same , i did not mark my answers of drawing questions online but i attempted both of them. I am really worried. Am i going to get marks of my drawing answers?

    • Plz yr connect to coa official no
      Aese toh 1 year bekr ho jaega kisi teacher ne nhi btaya tha hume vha or tym over ho gya tha

  4. The GK Section was GOOD, Mathematics Section was bit TOUGH, Drawing Section was GOOD ; overall it was very good…

  5. Maths was easy , aptitude was fine and drawing was also easy. In aptitude general knowledge questions required in depth study. Overall paper was good.

  6. The Maths part was the EASIEST.
    And the Drawing part was LENTHY & Slightly difficult .
    By the way….the exam was from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

  7. At ion digital centr Turbhe during the drawing paper students were made to waste their 10 minutes writing details such as centre names etc leaving paper aside .because of this few students cudnt complete papers.why are invigilators not updated that this is crucial point where one msrk and one minute also makes difference .
    Who will bear the loss now?

  8. Can someone please find out what will happen for those who havent marked their drawing questions..our invigilators said it is fyn since drawing is supposed to be offline exam..but i am still worried..i hope the COA addresses the issue since many of us have done the same mistake..

  9. I also make same mistake like I attempt both drawing qué but not marked in online Nd after over the time invigator said why you don’t mark…..

    Then I asked to him now how I solve my this mistake so they said now your paper will check by auto update…….but I still worried please please please send solution for solve this situation…..

  10. For the drawing section I tried to click on the mark and next button on the computer screen still no response was marked ???? it was due the technical issue that the computer didn’t select the submit button even after I made both drawings…is there a way I can get out of this problem. I m really afraid about the results ????????????????????????????????

  11. Ohh i saw it..its in this page only..i hope everything turns out fyn..there are many of us who have done the same mistake

  12. I hv mailed to coa….and the response was….they consider the drawing which is on the sheet…..even though we have not clicked it as mark as answered ….so no worries it will be evaluated…..

  13. Got 90 marks (excluding drawing).In the response uploaded ,it is mentioned that drawing part not attempted. Please clarify.

  14. HI

  15. Respected sir/madam,
    Even I did the same , I did not mark my answers of drawing questions online , but I attempted both of them. I am really worried. Will I get marks for my drawing questions?

  16. Candidate response sheet has only the correction of MCQ..the final result will be declared on june 1st along with drawing..but someone do mail coa again and confirm that they will evaluate our drawings..

  17. Can you please describe what kind of aptitude and maths questions there were? Can you provide some of the questions if possible?

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