How should you plan your preparation for JEE Main 2019 January and April examination

Ever wondered why is appearing for JEE Main so important for all the engineering aspirants across India? Here is your answer! By clearing JEE Main, candidates will be able to get admissions into some of the top-notch engineering institutes or colleges across India for providing undergraduate level courses in all the NIITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. Also, the AIR( All India Rank) secured by an applicant through JEE Main 2019 is considered( in other words, are given primary preference during admissions) by some of the renowned private universities like Thapar University, Delhi Technological University, NSIT, etc.

From this year December onwards, a newly established body, called the National Testing Agency(NTA) will be taking over the responsibility of conducting this test. Certain strategies have been changed whereas certain things have been retained by the authorities. The JEE Main 2019 Exam Date is one such thing which has been changed. According to NTA, it will be conducted two times a year (i.e in the months of Jan and Apr) for the academic session commencing from 2019. So, it becomes necessary for all the engineering aspirants to appear and secure a good rank in this online entrance.

But now, the following questions will be arising:

  • How to start preparing for the entrance?
  • What all needs to be prepared?
  • From where should I start preparing for the entrance?
  • Should I be focussing on NCERT or other reading materials?
  • How should I balance between my boards’ preparation and my JEE Main preparation?

Sit Back and Don’t Lose Your Calm! 😁 For answering all your questions related to preparation, we have suggested a few tips that would surely come handy. Do check them from this page below!

For January Aspirants!As a new body(NTA) will be conducting the JEE Main from this year. And a lot of changes have been made. You all will be the first lot appearing for this entrance. It won’t be something fearsome! Relax! Just the basic knowledge of the computer along with the prescribed course syllabus will be the key to crack it. If you don’t have the knowledge of the computer, don’t worry! Especially for you candidates, NTA will be opening some practice test centers, all free of cost. Read more…
For April Aspirants!You people will be lucky enough to be appearing as the second lot as you will be able to seek the question papers, along with the official answer keys from the official website, know the level of the paper and prepare accordingly.
For Aspirants who will be appearing in both the sessions!For all those candidates who will be appearing for the JEE Main 2019 in both the January and April session, you guys will be getting a great opportunity to score some better marks if you were not able to do so in your first attempt. As you will be familiar after appearing once for the entrance, so the next time you can prepare accordingly. And your scorecard with a better score will be considered for admission purpose. Doesn’t it all sounds soo good?! 😊

Tip No.1 – Suggested Syllabus Is The Key To Success

To clear any entrance, it becomes necessary for an applicant to first, know the exam pattern and the syllabus that needs to be prepared. Same applies for JEE Main 2019. One necessarily needs to prepare all the important topics before the time, so that enough time is left in hand for revision purpose. The more you go through the concepts who have prepared, the more vivid picture you will end up developing in your mind and you will not be forgetting the prepared concepts.

At times, it happens that rote learning doesn’t help. In such a situation, you need to devote the time to understand those concepts, rather than continuously trying them to learn. One must start preparing the syllabus with their weaknesses( i.e the topics that aren’t clear to them) so that if some doubts arise regarding those concepts, it can be cleared from someone who could actually happen, like your teachers, tutors or parents.

Tip No.2 – Practice Previous Years Papers

Once you are done preparing the syllabus, start solving previous years papers. This would help you to get a better insight into the questions that may be asked in the examination. Try to solve them as you are solving your actual JEE Main 2019 paper( i.e with maximum accuracy and minimum time). Also, after solving them get those papers evaluated by some expert.

Especially, for all you JEE Main 2019 applicants we have designed a place(page) where you will find set-wise previous years question paper( 2013- 2018), along with the answer keys, all free of cost. You can download each year’s paper in the pdf file format.

➡️ Click here to check the JEE Main Previous Years Papers.

Tip No.3 – Authentic Reading Materials

Mostly, the questions are asked from the concepts you have studied in your Physics, Chemistry, and Maths of class 11th and 12th. So, it is advised to be clear with all the NCERT topics and that is what will be sufficient for getting a good score in JEE Main 2019. But you can consult other books if you are sure that you are thorough with all the NCERT topics.

For this purpose, we have provided you with separate books list for each section(i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) that you can look into for the purpose of practicing some questions from. Make sure to check these links! 😊

Tip No.4 – Make Notes

It would be totally unrealistic to think that you will be able to go through each and every important topic at the last minute. So, in such situations, your pre-prepared notes will come in handy. Don’t just waste your time looking around for friends or teachers who would help you out by providing their notes to you. Rather, help yourself. Try to make your own notes, as it will help you to develop a better understanding of the concepts. And then, prepare accordingly from those. Also, your coaching institutes notes, your class notes play an important role as well. So make sure, you take down your notes while attending lectures as you may miss out on some important points afterward.

Tip No.5 – The Earlier You Start Preparing, The More Confident You Will Be

Don’t just keep wasting your time, by doing everything else but not starting to prepare for the exam. Rather start pulling up your socks, to put your best foot forward! As even your little efforts would be you to score some amazing marks in the entrance. Also, because many important topics are there that needs to be prepared, so why even waste a single day?

Just after you get hold of the official syllabus, you must start to divide your time, accordingly. You can prepare a timetable, specifying that what needs to be prepared during which part of the day. And can start preparing. Also, just preparing a timetable won’t help, we need to follow it religiously in order to complete all the syllabus before the preparation time lapses.

Tip No. 6 – Focus On Preparing For Boards Equally

As we know, it requires a lot of effort and time to prepare for something big as JEE Main. So, we usually tend to forget that we even do need to prepare for our board examinations. So, the simple trick to strike the balance. And to divide your timetable, according to both of these preparations. As you can’t neglect your studies for boards, most people would advise you to study for your boards and sidewise in your free time, study for your JEE Main 2019. This won’t be that a difficult task as both of these preparations would require you to prepare through your NCERT textbooks. It is just the additional preparation(like solving the papers) which would require a lil extra time for JEE Main 2019 Preparations.

Tip No. 7 – Keep Health In Mind

Amidst all the preparation rush and roar, make sure that you don’t stress yourself too much. A little bit of stress is good for your preparation purpose but an excess of it can harm your health. Just don’t panic much, stay calm, keep preparing and everything else will be taken care of. Ignore all the taunts and the negative vibes of all your “so-called well wishes”. Just focus on achieving your goal and never stop believing in yourself and your abilities. Stay positive throughout your preparations and Nail it! 🙂

“I Can, I Have and I Will, No Matter What.”

Tip No. 8 – Recreation Time

Between all the preparation time, make sure you take some time out for yourself. Recreation time is equally as important as your preparation time, as it refreshes your mind, which in turn improves your concentration levels. Engage in those things or hobbies which you like to do, in your pass time. Don’t let the preparation phase dull you and lock yourself up with all the books. If you’re good at something, for instance, singing, dancing, etc. or even you are not good at anything, just try to live a little by watching a new movie or hanging out for a while or by playing any sport which interests you. These activities will make you feel rejuvenated!

All The Best! 

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