To take the SRMJEEE 2019 Examination you must be well acquainted with the examination pattern, its syllabus and how to prepare for the same. On this page get the SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus PDF, important chapters, subject wise preparation tips and important books for SRMJEEE 2019 Preparations.

Once you have filled up the SRMJEEE 2019 Application Form and downloaded your admit card as per the schedule you will be able to appear in the online computer based test (CBT)- SRMJEEE 2019. The pattern of the examination and syllabus for the same is discussed in details below. Some most recommended books are also listed with the direct link to buy them. Read below and start your SRMJEEE 2019 Preparation early to complete the syllabus of SRMJEEE 2019.

SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus

Below is the list of chapters that are included in the SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus. Make sure you cover each of the chapters. It will be possible if you start with your preparation as early as possible. Below we will also provide you with a timetable to cover your SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus on time. For B.Tech admissions, candidates will be appearing in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology paper.

SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus: Physics
Units and Measurements
Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
Oscillation and Wave Motions
Heat and Thermodynamics
Ray and Wave Optics
Electricity and Magnetism
Atomic Physics and Relativity
Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics
Electronics and Communication
SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus: Chemistry
Atomic Structure
States of Matter
Chemical Families- Periodic Properties
Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure, s and p block Elements
Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
Chemical Equilibrium
Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis and Nuclear Chemistry
Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus: Mathematics
Sets, Relations and Functions
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Matrices, Determinants and their Applications
Permutations and Combinations
Differential Calculus and its Applications
Integral Calculus and Differential Equations of First Order
Analytical Geometry
Vector Algebra
Statistics and Probability
SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus: Biology
Taxonomy and Angiosperm
Plant Anatomy
Cell Biology and Genetics
Plant Physiology
Biology in Human Welfare
Human Physiology
Modern Genetics and Animal Biotechnology
Environmental Science
Applied Biology
Theories Evolution
  • Download the detailed SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus.

You can also view the entire syllabus in below:

SRMJEEE 2019: Examination Pattern

What is the next important thing that you must do before diving into your preparations? It is knowing the examination pattern of the examination. This makes you familiar with the type of questions and durations and mark scheme of the same. Below is the Examination Pattern of SRMJEEE 2019:

  • Mode of Examination: Online Only (CBT)
  • Question paper language: English Only
  • Type of Questions: MCQs
  • Duration of the Examination: 2 Hours 30 Mins.
  • Marking Scheme: +3 for right answers, no negative marking.
  • Total Marks: 315
  • Total Number of Questions: 105 (Mathematics/Biology- 35, Physics- 35, Chemistry- 35)

Click Here to download the SRMJEEE Sample Question Paper for practice.

SRMJEEE 2019: Important Chapters

Before you start with your preparation you need a proper knowledge of the SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus, which you can view above. Now as per the past records we have listed some important chapters, subject wise, below. These important chapters are based on the marks they carry in the SRMJEEE examinations.

SRMJEEE 2019 Important Chapters: Physics

  • Current Electricity
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics & Magnetism
  • Optics

SRMJEEE 2019 Important Chapters: Chemistry

  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical bonding
  • Transition Elements (d and f block)
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
  • Alcohol, Phenol and Ether
  • Biomolecules

SRMJEEE 2019 Important Chapters: Mathematics

  • Vector
  • Probability
  • 3D Geometry
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Complex Numbers
  • Conic Section

How To Prepare For SRMJEEE 2019

Many believe that SRMJEEE is not as difficult as JEE Advanced, JEE Main or BITSAT. But nothing comes easy without proper preparation. Thus candidates aspiring to appear in SRMJEEE 2019, must start with their preparations. Candidates from the CBSE board will realise the SRMJEEE 2019 Prescribed Syllabus is almost as same as the CBSE syllabus with a little or no variations. Thus along with school exam, preparations you can complete your SRMJEEE 2019 Preparation too if you start now.

SRMJEEE 2019 Syllabus

  • Brush Up your Basics: It is a well-known fact, that we always tend to leave behind small details while concentrating on the bigger problems. But it is necessary that you make sure your basics are clear and strong so that there is no problem with the tricky questions that you might face.
  • Know the Question and Exam pattern: If you know the questions and exam pattern from the past year you can do a bit of a smart work. You can give more time to the chapters that carry more weightage of marks. For this take as many mock tests as you can, solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers.
  • Work on the Speed: Since SRMJEEE 2019 will have no negative marks, let’s make sure you attend all the questions correctly. For this you need to work on your speed. Practice more and more. Solve questions from all books recommended for practice. Complete NCERT books thoroughly.
  • Prepare your own Timetable: Make sure you prepare a timetable of your own. But keep in mind that it covers all the syllabus before time. Keep plenty of time for revisions and practice. Prepare a monthly timetable if possible.
  • Know your Weak Chapters: Know which Chapters are most dreadful for you and keep practising them until you nail it. Solve any doubts you have with the help of teachers and friends. Discuss problems and make your own notes. It will remain in your mind for a longer period of time.

Important Books for SRMJEEE 2019 Preparations

Here are the subject wise important books for SRMJEEE 2019 Preparations. You can also buy the same following the links beside them. Make sure you complete the NCERT Text Books of Class 12 for all subjects.

SRMJEEE 2019 Important Books for Mathematics
Name of the Book Name of the Author Buying Link
Mathematics Class 12 (Part 1 and Part 2) RD Sharma Buy Here
Plane Trigonometry Part 1 and part 2 SL Loney
Higher Algebra Hall & Knight Buy Here
Problems in Calculus I.A. Maron Buy Here
SRMJEEE 2019 Important Books for Physics
The concept of Physics Part 1 HC Verma Buy Here
The concept of Physics Part 2 HC Verma Buy Here
Understanding Physics Series DC Pandey Buy Here
SRMJEEE 2019 Important Books for Chemistry
Organic Chemistry OP Tandon Buy Here
Inorganic Chemistry OP Tandon Buy Here
Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur Buy Here
SRMJEEE 2019 Important Books for Biology
Complete NEET Guide Biology MTG Editorial Board Buy Here
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