TANCET 2018 M.Tech Exam

That exam, for which so many students from West Bengal had been preparing for a year, has finally concluded. The WBJEE 2018 was held on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Mathematics exam was Paper 1, which took place from 11 am to 1 pm. After that combined paper of Physics and Chemistry was held from 2 pm to 4 pm. Each paper was of 2 hours.

WBJEE 2018 Answer Keys – Now that exam is over, you can head over here to check answer key of WBJEE 2018.

The paper was held minus any mishaps throughout the state and beyond. As per initial reviews, the paper was neither too difficult nor too easy.

WBJEE is held each year. This year it was held for admissions to undergraduate courses in engineering and technology, pharmacy and architecture courses in universities, government colleges as well as self financing engineering and technological institutes in the state of West Bengal. Until a few years back, when separate medical entrance exams were allowed, WBJEE was also held for MBBS and BDS admissions.

WBJEE 2018 was held in offline mode, meaning the answers were to be marked on OMR sheets.

The exam has a little off beat marking scheme, unlike any other engineering entrance exam held in India: there are three types (categories) of questions.

  • Category I questions are those that have single option correct, and have a +1, -1/4 marking scheme. Of this, there are 50 questions in Math, and 30 each in physics and chemistry.
  • Category II questions are those that have single option correct, and have a +2, -1/2 marking scheme. Of this, there are 15 questions in Math, and 5 each in physics and chemistry.
  • Category III questions are those that have one or more options correct. In this section, a complete correct answer fetches +2 marks. A partially correct answer gets 2 x number of correct answers marked / total correct answers. However any combination of right and wrong answer fetches zero marks. Of this, there are 10 questions in Math, and 5 each in physics and chemistry.

WBJEE 2018 Mathematics Review

Of the two papers, Mathematics was tougher. However as an overall, it cannot be said that it was too tough.

The paper had 75 questions. Maximum marks that can be scored in WBJEE 2018 Mathematics is 100.

What makes the paper tough is answering 75 mathematics questions in 90 minutes. All questions were from the syllabus prescribed for the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination.

According to students who appeared in exam and teachers who saw the paper later, a candidate who prepared for board exams properly and practiced in time for the common entrance exam, can easily fetch good marks.

WBJEE 2018 Physics and Chemistry Review

Compared to mathematics, paper 2 of physics and chemistry was easier on students.

There were 40 questions in physics, and 40 in chemistry. Maximum marks that can be scored in paper 2 is 100.

In WBJEE, students have to answer 155 questions in 4 hours. That is 1.5 minutes per question.

Whereas in JEE Main, students have to answer 90 questions in 3 hours, which gives each student 2 minutes per question. This makes WBJEE tougher than the statistically largest engineering entrance exam in India, JEE Main.

Now that exam is over, students will be looking forward to results. WBJEE 2018 result will be announced on June 5, 2018. However prior to that, the board will issue official answer keys, which are also referred to as model answers.

Share your exam day experience in comments below! Let us know how you found the exam. Exam kirom holo?!

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  1. WBJEE ‘s Maths part was “tough” due to the Restricted time limit. Although the paper was NOT TOO difficult, but the Maths seems to be TOUGHER due to the ONLY 2 hrs Time .
    The Organic Chemistry ‘s questions were somehow tricky. Overall thr chemistry part was easy for me & Physics was moderate.
    Thank you ????

  2. Actually the math is tougher than previous year . The main lag out that I faced and also my friends is that the question is given short time as it was given. Because we don’t read in any coaching centre , the shortcut tricks are unavailable to us which make us to do the problems in a bit long process which make the math question time consuming.

    It was nothing to say about part 2 . Although some questions are tricky, the part 2 was definitely better than part 1. I am expecting 140 -150 in the exam.

  3. This year’s paper was definitely more difficult than last two years in maths. As the average score in maths is usually around 48,a score or 150 this year should fetch anyone a tank of even top 30 or even 10

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