JEE Main 2019 Changes – The Internet is flooded with questions on what will be changing in JEE Main 2019? Even we are getting regular queries on whether or not the exam pattern and syllabus of JEE Main 2019 will change. Also, students are confused about the number of attempts. Thus, we have decided to clear all of your doubts here by laying down the facts on what will not change in JEE Main 2019 and what will change?. Read below as we discuss the frequently asked question on JEE Main 2019 Changes.

Latest: This article was published before the press conference held on July 07, 2018. Now that we know NTA is conducting JEE Main 2019, all latest details including the examination dates, are available here.

JEE Main 2019 Changes – What Will Not Change In JEE Main 2019?

Well, being very clear. Here is what might NOT change in JEE Main 2019:

  1. The Exam Pattern
  2. The Syllabus
  3. The Number of Attempts and Eligibility Criteria

These above 3 things might definitely not change. Why are we so sure of that you may ask? Thus, here is the deal:

There are only 6 months left until JEE Main 2019 application forms releases. And many candidates are preparing for JEE Main 2019 since long, some start preparation form class 9. Thus bringing these major changes like the pattern, syllabus, Number of Attempts and Eligibility Criteria is highly unfair and illogical. Therefore keeping in mind this factor such major JEE Main 2019 Changes might not be made.

What Will Change in JEE Main 2019?

Ok, now coming to the next important point. What will change in JEE Main 2019? Here are few changes that have been proposed as per the official notice:

  1. JEE Main 2019 will then be held twice a year.
  2. The exam will be completely online.
  3. There will be more centers for the conduct of exam.

Well, these changes will definitely not bother the preparation of the candidates. Thus, candidates need not worry about these changes. Moreover, whether these changes will take place form 2019 is also not yet been announced officially.

Will NTA Conduct JEE Main 2019?

It is yet not clear. There is no official notification regarding NTA conducting JEE Mains in 2019. Even if it conducts the examination in 2019, no changes might be made in exam pattern, syllabus, eligibility or number of attempts. Thus, JEE Main 2019 Changes are yet uncertain.

FAQs – Clearing all the Confusions

Now here are few questions that we have been getting and seeing aspiring candidates worrying about the same. Thus, we have compiled the questions and have tried to answer them here:

Q: I’m planning to give jee main the third shot, will there be any problem regarding the number of times I could appear in jee main as of now it’s 3 consecutive times, will there be any change regarding this?

A: NO. There will be no changes in the number of times you are attempting JEE Main. Whether 2019 will be your second or third attempt, you need not worry. Just concentrate on your preps.

Q: Will we have to give Jee Advanced, as well as mains or we, would be given admissions in IITs just after a single test?

A: JEE Advanced will not be handed over to NTA. JEE Advanced 2019 will continue as it is. Thus, candidates who will qualify in JEE Main 2019 for JEE Advanced, will have to take JEE Advanced 2019 to take admission in IIT. Thus, the rule remains the same.

Q: Every year since the CBSE board conducts jee mains they used to read NCERT books very much…..but will it work this time??

A: Definitely it will. No changes will be made in the syllabus for JEE Main 2019. Make NCERT your bible for JEE Main 2019 Preparations.

Q: Will candidates now get to rely on two attempts to score well in jee mains 2019?? Can I give my third attempt in the year 2019?

A: Yes, you can give your third attempt. In JEE Main candidates are allowed 3 consecutive attempts. Thus, if you did not take a gap after your second attempt you are allowed to take the 3rd attempt like always.

Q: I have heard that neet and jee will be cancelled in 2019. And instead of that new exam will be conducted is it true??

A: No JEE Main 2019 will not be cancelled. Only the conducting body will change. NTA will conduct JEE Main twice a year. But it is yet not clear from when. Thus, do not bother about this and keep preparing as you would.

Q: What will be the level of the JEE Mains paper if NTA conducts it in 2019?

A: Ok, so the level of difficulty of questions is something one can not predict. Since NTA will conduct JEE Main twice, therefore, we expect the questions to be a bot on the difficult side to filter out the best students. But, one can not totally say about the level of difficulty. Even with CBSE, the level of difficulty kept fluctuating over the years.

If you have more queries apart from the ones above, comment down and we will add your queries with answers in this article.

What is NTA (National testing Agency)?

Union Cabinet approved the setting up of National Testing Agency (NTA). The agency would be responsible for conducting entrance examinations in the country thus relieving educational bodies like CBSE, AICTE etc.

The government has allocated a fund of Rs. 25 crores for NTA to begin operation in the first year. From its second year, the agency will become self-sustainable Some of the exams which NTA will take over are JEE Main, NEET UG, UGC NET, CTET, etc. Also, NTA will conduct these exams in online mode and twice a year. So far entrance exams like JEE Main or NEET UG are conducted only once a year.

JEE Main 2019

JEE Main 2019 Changes

The registration for JEE Main 2019 will start in the month of December 2018. Therefore aspiring candidates need to get their required details like Aadhar Card ready. Aadhar Card number is mandatory to apply for JEE Mains. Therefore get it ready if you have not yet.

Get your hand on important preparation resources like:

Also, make sure you keep track of these important events for JEE Main 2019:

JEE Main 2019 Important Date
JEE Main application form shall be available from 01st week of Dec 2018
Last date to submit the application form 01st week of Jan 2019
Application Form Correction can be done by 03rd to 04th week of Jan 2019
Issuance of JEE Main Admit Card 02nd week of Mar 2019
JEE Main 2019 exam date
  • 06 Apr 2019 (for Pen and Paper Mode – expected)
  • 02nd / 03rd week of Apr 2019 (For Computer-based test)
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    • Hi Shalini,
      There is no official notification regarding the dates. But NTA will release a notification much before the exam regarding all the important dates. stay in touch with us for updates.

  1. Can jee mains and advance b conducted in the early morning as that will be the best time for everyone to successfully crack it as the CEO’s of big companies do

  2. I have scored 429/500 in CBSE 2018 ..will I be eligible for IIT if a get selected in 2019 inspite of the fact that I am 3 marks short for coming in top 20 percentile but have scored 85.8%.

  3. My second and thier attempt is remaining…. If i give one in januJan and second in April…. And unfortunately i scored less marks in April and more marks in January Jee Mains Exam…. Then which one will be counted for admission purposes ???

    • Hi Aman,
      The best score will be used for admission. If score more in January then you will be given admission according to January’s exam.

    • Since the admission will be on the basis of best of the two scores, the chance must be counted as one. However, no clear official announcements are made as of now.

  4. Hello,
    My sister would appear for JEE this time but she is in a dilemma whether to appear for Btech or BPlanning. Can she appear in both of them? Can two separate JEE forms be filled in thay case?

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