The cabinet had approved the creation of National Testing Agency (NTA) on November 2017. Since then, there were widespread reports on when and how NTA will start conducting the exams. Well, the air was cleared on July 07, 2018, when Prakash Javadekar confirmed the formation of NTA and the JEE Main 2019 Exam dates in a press conference. Thus, now all the confusions come to an end. We are now clear that NTA will conduct JEE Main 2019 twice and in Online mode only. The first exam will be in the month of January 2019 and the second one will be in the month of April 2019. The official website of NTA is also live now, at

Read all about NTA, the changes in JEE Main 2019, what you should be prepared for and all the frequently asked questions on NTA JEE Main 2019.

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What is National Testing Agency (NTA)?

National Testing Agency is a society, registered as an autonomous self-sustained premier testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions. This body is going to take over the conduct of exams from CBSE. So NTA is going to hold all the exams which CBSE has been holding now including JEE Main, NEET, UGC NET, GPAT and CMAT. Thus from 2019 onwards, NTA will be conducting all the aforementioned 5 exams. Slowly it will take charge of other CBSE held exams as well.

NTA JEE Main 2019The press information bureau which publishes all government issued notices, released the notice below on November 10, 2017.

NTA approved by Union Cabinet


What are the Changes made by NTA in JEE Main 2019?

In the press conference, Mr Prakash Javadekar has made the announcements regarding the following points:

  1. JEE Main 2019 will then be held twice a year (January and April).
  2. The exam will be completely online.
  3. A candidate may choose to appear in any one exam in a year or both the exams in a year.
  4. The best marks out of both the exam will be used for preparing the admission list/AIR.
  5. The announcement of the exam centres will be made as early as possible.
  6. Candidates will be able to take the practice tests by visiting the centers from August-end or September start.
  7. There will be no change in the syllabus, exam pattern, languages of the question papers and examination fees.

National Testing Agency

FAQs on NTA JEE Main 2019

Here are the most frequently asked questions on NTA JEE Main 2019. Thus, we have compiled them here. If you cannot see your concern below, do comment and we will definitely revert back!

1Q: I am giving jee for the third time. So I wanted to know, can I give the exam in April 2019 also, or my last attempt will be of January 2019? (Most Common)

A: Well, in the press conference this point was not clarified. But going by the logic, you should be able to give both the exam. This is because admission will be done based on the best scores out of the two exams. It is like having 2 chances to perform better. Therefore, logically we say it must be counted as 1 attempt and not 2. We advise you to wait for the information brochure which will be released along with the Application Form on September 01, 2018.

2Q: Is there any change in the 75% criteria, or 20 percentile criteria?

A: No, it is clear on the official website of NTA,, that these criteria remain the same.

3Q: Will JEE Main 2019 be conducted in online mode only?

A: Yes.

Conclusion on NTA to conduct JEE Main 2019

The conclusion is that students should continue with their preparations as per the old pattern and syllabus. Ultimately the exam pattern will require you to answer MCQs on physics, chemistry, mathematics only. Just make sure you are friendly with mouse and keyboard operations. It is very important at times like this to stay motivated and focused throughout. So surround yourself with people who have a positive influence on your life.

All the very best friends!!

If at any time you have any concern, feel free to ask us in comments below.

JEE Main 2019

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  1. I’m planning to give jee main a third shot, will there be any problem regarding the number of times I could appear in jee main as of now it’s 3 consecutive times, will there be any change regarding this?

    • Hi, there has been no such notice so far regarding this. Therefore, you can prepare for your third attempt. As far as the change in the number of attempts, we don’t think there will be any change in that area. All the best!!

  2. Sir….every year since the cbse board conducts jee mains they used to read ncert books very much…..but will it work this time??

    • Hi Vardhan,
      There are no announcements regarding the change in exam pattern or syllabus for JEE Main 2019 as of now. We are expecting that it will not change even if the conducting body is changing. This is because if any major change were to be introduced in the exam pattern or syllabus in 2019, the authorities would have declared it by now. But nothing is certain. Therefore we would advise everyone to keep their preparations going as per the old pattern and syllabus. 🙂

  3. will candidates now get to rely on two attempts to score well in jee mains 2019??Can i give my third attempt in year 2019?

    • Hey Shaurya,
      There will be no changes in the number of attempts. You can give your third attempt. All the best :). Whoever will be the conducting body in 2019, will definitely make sure to propagate any major changes much before the event. Thus, don’t worry make sure you concentrate on your preps!

  4. I have passed 12 this year. I want to prepare for jee main and jee advanced 2019. I have bought physics and chemistry books. But i am confused which book i buy for mathmatics.

  5. I am going to give my 3rd attempt in 2019, but today I read in the newspaper that jee mains will be conducted in December this year(2018). If I want to give the exam next year in April by skipping one attempt, which is going to held in December, will i be able to give the exam.

  6. I am going to give my 3rd attempt in the next year. But today I read in the newspaper that it is going to held in December this year(2018).if I want to give jee mains next year by skipping one exam (jee mains) which is going to held in December this year , so can i give the exam keeping in mind it is my 3rd attempt??

  7. As NTA is going to conduct jee mains in December 2018 , so what will be the strategy for droppers to complete and prepare their syllabus in 5 months(July-November).

  8. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence there are only 5 months left for preparation. What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just months?

  9. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence the are only 5 months left for preparation.What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just 5 months ?

  10. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence the are only 5 months left for preparation.What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just 5 months

    • Dear Shaurya,
      No official notification is available on JEE Main to be held on December 2018. The reports that suggest that it will be held on Dec 2018, are baseless without any official notice. Thus, do not worry as of now. Prepare in the same way.

  11. will the Merit list of jee main 2019 will be based on 40% weightage of
    performance in class XII Board’s Marks normalized on percentile basis and the
    remainder 60% weightage of performance in JEE

  12. Sir I have given my 12th exams this year and also attempted jee main 2018 but did not get a good rank . Now I am dropping this year so can I attempt mains in both december 2018 and april 2019?

    • Dear Aditya,
      There is no official confirmation on JEE Main to be conducted on December 2018. Please concentrate on your preps. Until any official notification by CBSE or NTA, no confirmation is available for the dates.

  13. Will percentage criteria of 75% can come to 65% in jee mains 2019 because I am getting 72% in boards…and I want to drop for jee mains 2019

    • Hi Abhinay,
      Your class 12 marks will matter in admission to NIT. However, you must have at least 75% overall in class 12 to be able to appear in JEE Main.

  14. I’m in class 12. Our first exam for jee will be held on dec 2018 or on dec 2019.I mean we will be getting less time or greater time for preparations of jee due to NTA??

    • Hi Parth,
      There is no official news about JEE Main to be conducted in December 2018. The chances of JEE Main to be conducted in December is very low. Therefore, until any notice that is from NTA or CBSE please do not worry. As of now, you can prepare for JEE main according to the old schedule. As per the trend JEE main will be in the month of April 2019. Thus you have 11 months in hand. All The Best!! 🙂

    • Hi Priyank,
      Although there is no such official notification regarding this as of now, we guess the conducting body will not make changes in this area. It will be unfair for the candidates. Thus, until an official announcement we cannot conclude anything.

  15. Hi All,
    Recently, the government has announced to conduct JEE Exams twice per year. This is the best opportunity for students to bring out their best performance.

  16. I’ll be giving 3rd attempt for jee-mains in 2019. Acc. to new rule, am I eligible for both the exams which will be held in Jan and April or only once(please specify when; if this is the case).

  17. sir if any student clear the jee main january exam by just cut off then will he able to give jee main april exam ?
    or if any student clear the january exam but fails to clear april exam then will he able to give jee advance ?

  18. Sir,sometimes there is bonus in jee mains paper .suppose if one paper have a bonus and another dont then how the marks is given to students who attempted 2 nd paper

    • Hi Aquib,
      Sorry, but since you have already exhausted your 3 consecutive attempts, you can not appear in JEE Main 2019.

  19. I’ve got only 64% in main CBSE board 2018
    examinaion , so can I give betterment to gain 75% in more than one sub

  20. Dear Sir, My younger brother is giving JEE(B.arch) Paper 2 in 2019. Kindly confirm me that he can give exam in both January & April or not.

  21. Jee main 2 times honge and advanced kab honge? If m in two chances m select nhi hua to mujhe uske baad January wala hi dena pdega ya April ka de skta hu?

  22. In some of websites it is shown that 1st mains exam is for and 2nd exam is for b.e/b.planning
    Then is 2nd exam is used for qualifying for nit or is it only for b.arch and b.planning

  23. I am giving jee for the third time. So I wanted to know, can I give the exam in April 2019 also, or my last attempt will be of January 2019?

  24. Respected sir
    There is said exam will be in 8 siitings. And 8 dates are given to student out of which student has to select one.while filling form for january exam they don’t ask such thing.when will this choice is given to student?please ans ..

  25. Clear JEE Main 2019 but not score 75% in CBSE 12th 2019. So can sit for JEE Advance 2019 and CBSE improvement exam in 2020. Will JEE advance consider the improvement exam ?

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