An engineering aspirant has to work really hard to get admission in a good college. For some, the preparations begin in class 11th, and believe it or not, many starts preparing from class 9th. In this situation, a student’s main aim has to be preparation, in which, knowing the exam pattern and syllabus do play a major role. Thus, it brings us to the question “Will NTA conduct JEE Main 2019? If yes, what will be the changes?

JEE Main 2019 Complete Details 

Now why this question arises is because last year the cabinet approved the formation of NTA.

What is NTA?

National Testing Agency is a society, registered as an autonomous self-sustained premier testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions.

NTA is the National Testing Agency. This body is going to take over conduct of exams from CBSE. So NTA is going to hold all the exams which CBSE has been holding now including JEE Main, NEET, UGC NET, CTET, JNV.

But from when?

The press information bureau which publishes all government issued notices, only released the notice below on November 10, 2017.

NTA approved by Union Cabinet

As can be seen, the concerned government process for formation of NTA is underway. But any definite timeline for it has not been given.

From when will NTA conduct JEE Main? 2019 or 2020?

Only the government can answer this question. Specifically, the Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD) that looks after smooth functioning of education related matters in India will have to decide or set processes in motion to get things in deadline. But right now they have not given any indication as to whether JEE Main 2019 will be conducted by CBSE or NTA.

In the opinion of subject matter experts, there are very high chances that NTA JEE Main 2019 will take place. That is because the government had been trying for a long time to get a thumbs up for NTA, and now that they have it, there should not be too much delay in it.

Another reason why they thing NTA will hold JEE Main 2019 is that CBSE has been conveying to the government for long that it is not able to hold so many exams. The JEE Main itself has over 10 lakh takers. NEET also has an equal number. So a separate body has long been a requirement for conduct of JEE Main.

Now that grants and processes are in place so there are high chances that JEE Main 2019 be conducted by NTA.

What will happen if NTA conducts JEE Main 2019?

A lot of changes will be implemented if NTA conducts JEE Main 2019. Here are a few.

  • JEE Main 2019 will then be held twice a year.
  • Exam will be completely online.
  • There will be more centres for conduct of exam.

Pros and cons of NTA conducting JEE Main 2019/JEE Main 2020

Honestly, any change in exam pattern or type causes much confusion. A few years ago when NEET replaced AIPMT, students were thrown into utter chaos. The last minute changes in plans is not conducive for preparation. Also, there have been several cases of mishaps whenever changes takes place. In the year 2016, NEET had to be conducted twice. In fact NEET has always been surrounded by controversies.

JEE Main is a critical exam for over a million students. Let us look at pros and cons is NTA conducts JEE Main 2019.

Pros: To start with, the new body, National Testing Agency, will solely be dedicated towards conducting exam. So it might be better equipped to hold exams. Also, of exam is twice a year then maybe students can be more relaxed. Another pro could that more centres will enable rural students to get accessible centres.

Cons: Chaos is the first con. Students have been preparing for JEE Main 2019 for long. If suddenly the exam pattern is changed and so is the marking system, mode, and other things, then students might panic and be unable to do well. The first and second batches on which the change will be implemented could be chaotic.

Will eligibility criteria also change from JEE Main 2019?

No. There is no such news report which shows that eligibility criteria of JEE Main 2019 may change, whether or not NTA conducts it. So candidates planning to appear in the Joint Entrance Examination 2019 need not worry about that.

Now another huge question: Will NTA JEE Main 2019/ NTA JEE Main 2020 replace all other engineering entrance exams?

This is a very interesting question, and a rather impactful one. Currently there are dozens of engineering entrance exams in India. Some are at state level, some university level. Most of them are open to all students irrespective of domicile.

For a long time the government has wanted to have a single NEET like entrance exam for engineering. But even when NTA was announced, it did not say that it will replace all engineering entrance exams.

So candidates who are aiming for state level engineering entrance exams or university level engineering entrance exams, here is what you should do:

  • Keep your preparations ongoing for the state level / university level engineering entrance exams.
  • But also, prepare for JEE Main. So that if there is a single exam then also you can be prepared for it and do well in it.

Above all, do not panic. Keep yourself focused on preparations.

Conclusion on NTA to conduct JEE Main 2019 / JEE Main 2020

The conclusion is that students should continue with their preparations. You should focus on studying the concepts and being able to answer multiple choice questions.

It is likely that MHRD / CBSE / NTA will announced whether NTA will conduct JEE Main 2019 or CBSE, in the month of November 2018.

Ultimately any exam pattern will require you to answer MCQs on physics, chemistry, mathematics only. So if you can do well in the existing pattern, and CBSE only conducts JEE Main 2019, then also you will do well. And in the event that NTA conducts JEE Main 2019 then also you will do well.

It is very important at times like this to stay motivated and focused throughout. So surround yourself with people who have a positive influence on your life.

If at anytime you have any concern, feel free to ask us in comments below.


  1. I’m planning to give jee main a third shot, will there be any problem regarding the number of times I could appear in jee main as of now it’s 3 consecutive times, will there be any change regarding this?

    • Hi, there has been no such notice so far regarding this. Therefore, you can prepare for your third attempt. As far as the change in the number of attempts, we don’t think there will be any change in that area. All the best!!

  2. Sir….every year since the cbse board conducts jee mains they used to read ncert books very much…..but will it work this time??

    • Hi Vardhan,
      There are no announcements regarding the change in exam pattern or syllabus for JEE Main 2019 as of now. We are expecting that it will not change even if the conducting body is changing. This is because if any major change were to be introduced in the exam pattern or syllabus in 2019, the authorities would have declared it by now. But nothing is certain. Therefore we would advise everyone to keep their preparations going as per the old pattern and syllabus. 🙂

  3. will candidates now get to rely on two attempts to score well in jee mains 2019??Can i give my third attempt in year 2019?

    • Hey Shaurya,
      There will be no changes in the number of attempts. You can give your third attempt. All the best :). Whoever will be the conducting body in 2019, will definitely make sure to propagate any major changes much before the event. Thus, don’t worry make sure you concentrate on your preps!

  4. I have passed 12 this year. I want to prepare for jee main and jee advanced 2019. I have bought physics and chemistry books. But i am confused which book i buy for mathmatics.

  5. I am going to give my 3rd attempt in 2019, but today I read in the newspaper that jee mains will be conducted in December this year(2018). If I want to give the exam next year in April by skipping one attempt, which is going to held in December, will i be able to give the exam.

  6. I am going to give my 3rd attempt in the next year. But today I read in the newspaper that it is going to held in December this year(2018).if I want to give jee mains next year by skipping one exam (jee mains) which is going to held in December this year , so can i give the exam keeping in mind it is my 3rd attempt??

  7. As NTA is going to conduct jee mains in December 2018 , so what will be the strategy for droppers to complete and prepare their syllabus in 5 months(July-November).

  8. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence there are only 5 months left for preparation. What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just months?

  9. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence the are only 5 months left for preparation.What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just 5 months ?

  10. As per the official notification nta is going to conduct jee main in december 2018.Hence the are only 5 months left for preparation.What will be the strategy for droppers to prepare in just 5 months

    • Dear Shaurya,
      No official notification is available on JEE Main to be held on December 2018. The reports that suggest that it will be held on Dec 2018, are baseless without any official notice. Thus, do not worry as of now. Prepare in the same way.

  11. will the Merit list of jee main 2019 will be based on 40% weightage of
    performance in class XII Board’s Marks normalized on percentile basis and the
    remainder 60% weightage of performance in JEE

  12. Sir I have given my 12th exams this year and also attempted jee main 2018 but did not get a good rank . Now I am dropping this year so can I attempt mains in both december 2018 and april 2019?

    • Dear Aditya,
      There is no official confirmation on JEE Main to be conducted on December 2018. Please concentrate on your preps. Until any official notification by CBSE or NTA, no confirmation is available for the dates.

  13. Will percentage criteria of 75% can come to 65% in jee mains 2019 because I am getting 72% in boards…and I want to drop for jee mains 2019

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